Inclination and Photometric Properties of Spiral Galaxies

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Session 17 -- Normal Galaxies
Oral presentation, Monday, 10:30-12:00, Wheeler Room

[17.03] Inclination and Photometric Properties of Spiral Galaxies

Y.~I. ~Byun (IfA), K.~C. ~Freeman, D.~S. ~Mathewson (MSSSO)

We present a photometric analysis of I-band CCD image data for 1355 southern spiral galaxies. Accurate structural parameters are combined with maximum rotation velocity and redshift information in order to study the inclination dependence of observed photometric parameters and consequently the opacity of galactic disks. Diameter, total magnitude, central/local surface brightness, and scalelength all show clear indication of inclination dependence. When compared with radiative transfer models, the charateristics of the inclination dependence is consistent with the view that spiral galaxies are optically thin in the outer parts. The overall opacity appears to be rather moderate at most.

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