Spatially Resolved X-Ray Spectroscopy of Puppis A

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Session 2 -- Planetary Nebula and Supernova Remnants
Display presentation, Monday, 9:20-6:30, Pauley Room

[2.14] Spatially Resolved X-Ray Spectroscopy of Puppis A

R. Petre (GSFC), P. Serlemitsos (GSFC), M. Corcoran (USRA/GSFC), F. Marshall (GSFC), K. Jahoda (GSFC)

During its nine-day flight aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia as part of the Astro-1 Payload, the Broad Band X-Ray Telescope (BBXRT) spent approximately 3,300 s scanning across the Puppis A supernova remnant. Aspect reconstructed maps have been created using the ~600,000 events collected, with approximately 6 arc-minute spatial resolution. The ~100 eV spectral of the BBXRT has made possible the creation of the first maps of Puppis A (or any superova remnant) in the lines of O VII, O VIII, Ne IX, Ne X, Mg XI, and Si XIV. Ionization and abundance differences across the remnant are detected, as is a large feature of enhanced column density associated with a filament of the Vela SNR along the line of sight (first detected by ROSAT). We explore the implications of the ionization and abundance differences in the context of previous observations of Puppis A and its environment.

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