X-Ray Emission From Hybrid Stars

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Session 22 -- Late-Type and Variable Stars
Oral presentation, Monday, 2:30-4:00, Dwinelle 145 Room

[22.06] X-Ray Emission From Hybrid Stars

V.Kashyap, R.Rosner (U.Chicago), F.R.Harnden,Jr. (CfA), A.Maggio (Palermo)

Hybrid stars are giant stars that exhibit both chromospheric emission features and signatures of mass outflow, and hence provide a link between stars on either side of the ``Coronal Dividing Line". We have obtained long duration {\sl ROSAT} PSPC exposures of two nearby hybrid stars ($\alpha$ TrA and $\iota$ Aur), and here, we compare these observations with models of X-ray emission on giant stars.

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