Light Curves for Supernovae

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Session 29 -- Novae and Supernovae
Display presentation, Tuesday, 9:30-6:30, Pauley Room

[29.09] Light Curves for Supernovae

G.S.Vinton, W.Herbst (Wesleyan), C.H.Ford (U.Toledo)

For about two and one-half years supernovae have been monitored with a CCD camera attached to the 0.6 m Perkin telescope at Van Vleck Observatory on the campus of Wesleyan University. Observations have been obtained for most of the SNe north of declination $-20^o$ discovered during that period. VRI photometry on the Cousins system has been fully reduced for thirteen SNe Ia and four SNe II. The reduction procedure includes differential photometry relative to field comparison stars, transformation of these differential measures to the standard system, calibration of the field standards (done at KPNO), and correction for background contamination by light from the host galaxy. The background correction was made by obtaining images more than one year after the supernova event. A discussion of the adopted procedures for this correction is given. Images and light curves will be displayed and the effects of background contamination evaluated. Results for SNe Ia are compared with standard templates to derive times of maxima and brightnesses at maximum.

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