BVRI Synthetic Aperature Photometry of Supernova 1993J

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Session 29 -- Novae and Supernovae
Display presentation, Tuesday, 9:30-6:30, Pauley Room

[29.15] BVRI Synthetic Aperature Photometry of Supernova 1993J

Anil Dosaj, Frank Cianciolo, Rob Gearhart, Brian White, Wendy White, J. Craig Wheeler (U.Texas)

We have been monitoring supernova 1993J in the BVRI Johnson-Morgan filters since March 30 using a 16 inch cassegrain telescope with a Star I CCD and the technique of synthetic aperture photometry. With this technique we were among the first groups to suggest 1993J was dimming by 0.2 magnitudes per day, on following the first of April. While we are currently doing relative photometry with stars within the same CCD frame, we plan to use the adjacent field stars and the field stars in NGC2403 for absolute photometry. The addition of these field stars should help better define our color curve. Within the limitations of our telescope, CCD camera, sky conditions of downtown Austin, and the supernova itself, we hope to follow 1993J for as long as possible.

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