The Star*s Family - An Update

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Session 3 -- Databases and Software
Display presentation, Monday, 9:20-6:30, Heller Lounge Room

[3.08] The Star*s Family - An Update

Andr\'e HECK (Strasbourg Astronomical Observatory)

We shall present the current situation of the Star*s Family, a growing collection of products: directories, dictionaries, databases, data sets, and so on.

The directories gather together all practical data available on organizations involved in astronomy, space sciences and related fields, while the dictionaries concern abbreviations, acronyms, contractions and symbols encountered in the same fields.

The databases correspond both to the dictionaries and directories. They are currently accessible on line at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) through Starcat and at the European Space Agency (ESA) through ESIS. Their implementation is presently carried out at Strasbourg astronomical Data Center (CDS). Other agreements are currently being negociated.

Practical information on the availability of all products can be obtained from the author (telefax: +33-88491255).

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