Long-Slit Optical Spectroscopy of Infrared Galaxies

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Session 31 -- Star-Forming Galaxies
Display presentation, Tuesday, 9:30-6:30, Heller Lounge Room

[31.19] Long-Slit Optical Spectroscopy of Infrared Galaxies

M.~Ashby, J.~R.~Houck (Cornell University)

We present the results of an investigation of energy generation mechanisms in a subset of galaxies from the Bright Galaxy Sample (Soifer et al., ApJ, 320, 238). This study is based on established optical emission line criteria involving [O III] $\lambda$5007/H$\beta$, [N II] $\lambda$6583/H$\alpha$, [S II] ($\lambda$6716 + $\lambda$6731)/H$\alpha$, and [O I] $\lambda$6300/H$\alpha$ ratios taken from high signal-to-noise ratio longslit optical spectra of 19 Bright Galaxy Sample sources observed at the Palomar 5~m telescope. These criteria broadly define the sources as a single AGN and 18 starburst galaxies. However, they also indicate that significant variations in activity are present in 9 members of our sample. This supports the notion that AGNs and starbursts often coexist in infrared galaxies.

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