Search for Galaxies in the ZOA

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Session 32 -- Local Group Galaxies
Display presentation, Tuesday, 9:30-6:30, Heller Lounge Room

[32.09] Search for Galaxies in the ZOA

C.A.Pantoja (U.Okla.), D.R.Altschuler,R.Giovanelli (NAIC), C.Giovanardi (Arcetri)

At low galactic latitudes it becomes difficult to distinguish galaxies from stars and other diffuse objects. During the past year we have completed a catalog of galaxies in the anticenter region of the "zone of avoidance" by visual inspection of the POSS E prints (4h $\leq$ ra $\leq$; 0deg $\leq$ dec $\leq$ 37deg). HI measurements have been made for a sample of candidates from this catalog at Arecibo, but structure and morphology remain very uncertain for these objects. In addition we have searched some strips in "blind search" mode, where galaxies are detected just by their HI profiles, without optical information. We present the current status of our HI survey, distribution of galaxies and derived properties from neutral hydrogen observations. In addition we will present preliminary results from IR imaging (J,K) for one or two of the new uncataloged galaxies.

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