Results From The Cygnus Air Shower Experiment

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Session 33 -- Gamma-Rays and Cosmic Rays
Display presentation, Tuesday, 9:30-6:30, Heller Lounge Room

[33.10] Results From The Cygnus Air Shower Experiment

T. Yang (LANL), S.~Biller, P.~Chumney, M.~Harmon, A.~Shoup, G.B.~Yodh (U.C.Irvine), D.E.~Alexandreas (U.C.Irvine, INFN-Padova), G.E.~Allen, C.Y.~Chang, M.L.~Chen, C.~Dion, J.A.~Goodman, T.J.~Haines, M.J.~Stark (U.Maryland), G.M.~Dion (U.Maryland, ICRR-Tokyo), D.~Berley (U.Maryland, NSF), R.L.~Burman, C.M.~Hoffman, D.E.~Nagle, D.M. Schmidt, C. Sinnis, D.D.~Weeks (LANL), W.P.~Zhang (LANL, NASA-GSFC), R.W.~Ellsworth (George Mason U.), M.~Cavalli-Sforza, D.~Coyne, D.~Dorfan, L.~Kelley, S. Klein, R.~Schnee, D.A.~Williams, T.~Yang, (U.C.Santa Cruz), J.-P.~Wu (U.C.Riverside)

The CYGNUS extensive air shower array has been operating since April, 1986, searching for evidence of point sources of ultra high energy(UHE) radiation. For showers initiated by protons, the median primary energy detected by the array is approximately 100 TeV. The median primary energy for gamma ray initiated events from a source that transits at zenith is about 60 TeV. In this paper, the general apparatus setup, experimental techniques, and analysis methods will be described. The results from a survey of the northern sky for continuous emission by point sources, and a search for episodic emission by 51 candidate sources on a daily basis will also be presented.

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