The Velocity Structure of the ``Cometary'' HII Region G34.26+0.15

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Session 37 -- Interferometry
Display presentation, Tuesday, 9:30-6:30, Pauley Room

[37.05] The Velocity Structure of the ``Cometary'' HII Region G34.26+0.15

A. Fey and R. Gaume (NRL)

We report results of 3.6 cm, 2 cm, and 1.3 cm wavelength interferometric array observations of the ultra--compact HII region G34.26+0.15 with a spatial resolution of 11$''$, 5$\rlap.{'' }$6, and 3$\rlap.{'' }$8, respectively. These line and continuum data trace the large scale velocity structure of the ionized gas in the HII region and elucidate the corresponding continuum appearance of the source. Our high sensitivity H$93\alpha$ (3.6 cm) recombination line data confirm the N--S velocity gradient reported by Garay et al. \ (1986, ApJ, 309, 553) in H$76\alpha$. Our recombination line data also reveal a never before seen E--W velocity gradient (along the direction of the ``Cometary'' tail). The 1.3 cm continuum emissions suggest the existence of an almost complete shell of emission. Results are discussed in terms of current models of ultra--compact HII regions.

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