Linked Submillimeter Interferometry with the CSO and JCMT

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Session 39 -- Interferometry II
Oral presentation, Tuesday, 2:00-6:30, Zellerbach Playhouse Room

[39.10] Linked Submillimeter Interferometry with the CSO and JCMT

John E. Carlstrom (Caltech), Oliver P. Lay, Richard E. Hills (MRAO)

A linked submillimeter--wave interferometer using the CSO 10.4 m and the JCMT 15 m telescopes located on Mauna Kea at an elevation of 4200 m has been built and tested successfully. The high angular resolution observations ($\sim 1^{\prime\prime}$) enabled by the interferometer will enhance a wide spectrum of astronomical studies. The instrument also provides the opportunity to address a number of technical issues facing submillimeter interferometry such as atmospheric phase variations, and can be used as a test--bed for evaluating methods for overcoming them.

First observational tests of the interferometer were made in 1992 June and September in both the 1 mm and 800 $\mu$m atmospheric windows. The measured local oscillator coherence and the system phase stability met our design requirements. In our last session this March we were able to make several observations of astronomical interest. Our measurements include: 321 GHz water maser emission toward 4 stars, CO 1-2 and CO 2-3 absorption spectra toward Centaurus A, as well as absorption spectra and millimeter/submillimeter continuum fluxes for Sgr A$^*$. \parskip = 12truept

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