Particle Astrophysics

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Session 40 -- Particle Astrophysics
Oral presentation, Tuesday, 2:00-6:30, Dwinelle 155 Room

[40.01] Particle Astrophysics

Bernard Sadoulet (UC Berkeley and CfPA)

Particle Astrophysics can be defined as the border between particle physics and cosmology (for example, the physics of the early universe, baryogenesis, cosmological nucleosynthesis, dark matter, monopoles, the origin of structure), particle and stellar physics (for example, solar neutrinos, supernovae neutrinos), and particle physics and high energy astrophysics (including $\gamma$'s and $\nu$'s from compact objects and high energy cosmic rays). In this introductory review, I will attempt to outline the fundamental issues tackled by this emerging field and indicate the impact that it could have on the rest of astronomy.

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