The EUVE Background Zoo: Observations of EUV Background Anomalies

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Session 41 -- EUVE -- Astronomy
Display presentation, Tuesday, 6:00-8:00, CEA Room

[41.02] The EUVE Background Zoo: Observations of EUV Background Anomalies

M. Eckert, G.~R. Gladstone, C. Smith, B.~A. Stroozas (CEA/UCB)

Since first light on 21 June 1992, routine monitoring of total count rates observed by the seven detectors on board the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer (EUVE) satellite has revealed many interesting features in the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) background. Collectively we refer to these features as the background ``zoo.'' Upon further investigation, many of the anomalous count rate events have been explained. For instance, the edges of the South Atlantic Anomaly are responsible for a considerable number of enhanced particle events. Another substantial source of anomalous particle count rates results from particle precipitation induced by very low frequency (VLF) transmissions from a communications facility on the northwest coast of Australia. Several other background events have been observed which are currently unexplained. We will present a selection of interesting EUVE background ``zoo'' events.

This work has been supported by NASA contract NAS5-29298.

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