The EUV Coronal Spectrum of $\chi^1$ Ori (HR 2047, G0 V)

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Session 41 -- EUVE -- Astronomy
Display presentation, Tuesday, 6:00-8:00, CEA Room

[41.15] The EUV Coronal Spectrum of $\chi^1$ Ori (HR 2047, G0 V)

B. Haisch (CEA/UCB \& Lockheed), J. Drake (CEA/UCB), J.H.M.M. Schmitt (MPE)

We have carried out an 80 ks extreme ultraviolet observation of the active solar-like star $\chi^1$ Ori using the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer (EUVE) spectrograph. Based on its chromospheric activity level, this star appears to be quite young (see Haisch and Basri, 1985, Ap. J. Suppl., 58, 179). Its X-ray luminosity as measured by the Einstein IPC ($log L_x = 28.8$) and the ROSAT PSPC ($log L_x = 29.1$) makes it a factor of ten more active than the Sun at solar maximum. We present the first EUV spectrum of an active solar-like star.

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