EUVE Scanner Observations of Supernova Remnants

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Session 41 -- EUVE -- Astronomy
Display presentation, Tuesday, 6:00-8:00, CEA Room

[41.19] EUVE Scanner Observations of Supernova Remnants

J. Edelstein, P.W. Vedder, M. Sirk (CEA/UCB)

From the far-ultraviolet to the x-ray, the Cygnus and Vela supernova remnants have been observed with EXOSAT, ROSAT, HUT, Voyager and IUE. The emerging picture is of highly-shocked, nonequilibrium hot gas. We present the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer (EUVE) survey Lexan map data for the Cygnus Loop and Vela supernova remnants. These EUVE scanner observations will add critical data to models of shock equilibria and to understanding the morphology of the remnant by supplying sensitive diagnostics in a scientifically important bandpass.

This work has been supported by NASA contract NAS5-30180.

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