EUVE Spectra of Capella (Alpha Aurigae)

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Session 41 -- EUVE -- Astronomy
Display presentation, Tuesday, 6:00-8:00, CEA Room

[41.25] EUVE Spectra of Capella (Alpha Aurigae)

A. K. Dupree (CfA), G. A. Doschek (NRL), J. C. Green (U. Colorado), J. C. Raymond (CfA)

Under the Guest Observer Program for EUVE, extreme ultraviolet spectra of the bright RSCVn binary system, Capella (HD 34029; G8~III~$+$ G0 III) were obtained between $10-13$ Dec. 1992 during the calibration program of the satellite. Spectra from the 3 spectrometers cover the wavelength range $\lambda \lambda$~$70 - 740$. The total integration time was approximately 20 hours. These data were reduced with the ``Fast-Track'' processing procedures. A rich spectrum of emission lines is detected and identified including He II ($\lambda$304) which is associated with the system. Many emission lines of ionized iron are identified in the spectra: Fe XV, XVI, XVIII ...; apparently Fe XXIV ($\lambda$ 192) is also present, indicative of temperatures of $2 \times 10^7$\ K. Line identifications will be given, and emission measures derived for the system and compared to previous distributions from X-ray and ultraviolet spectra.

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