Observations of the Transient GRO JO422+32

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Session 41 -- EUVE -- Astronomy
Display presentation, Tuesday, 6:00-8:00, CEA Room

[41.30] Observations of the Transient GRO JO422+32

A. Wiercigroch and H. Marshall (CEA/UCB)

We present optical data (4000-7000~\AA\/) of GRO J0422+32 taken with the 40-inch telescope at Lick Observatory. The X-ray and ${\gamma}$-ray transient was observed 2 September 1992, approximately one month after the reported detection by the Compton GRO BATSE experiment and two weeks after the identification of the optical counterpart. Preliminary analysis shows H${\alpha}$ and H${\beta}$ in emission as well as He II (4686~\AA\/). In addition, H${\beta}$ shows broad absorption under a resolved emission core. Interstellar absorption lines are also present. We also report the nondetection of this object by the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer satellite during the same time period. The implications of these observations are discussed and comparisons to other high energy transients are made.

This work has been supported by NASA contract NAS5-30180.

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