Discovery of a Hot Pulsating Star

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Session 47 -- Degenerates
Display presentation, Wednesday, 9:20-6:30, Pauley Room

[47.03] Discovery of a Hot Pulsating Star

T. K. Watson (McDonald Observatory and Department of Astronomy, University of Texas)

Our discovery of pulsations in the Planetary Nubula Nucleus object RXJ 2117.1+34.12 allows us to explore its interior using the techniques of the new field of Asteroseismology. Observations made with the Whole Earth Telescope define the frequencies of the quantized pulsations, which probe its internal structure. Based on its pulsation properties, as well as the detection of a faint extended nebula, we conclude that it is the first known pulsator intermediate between the PNNV and the DOV stars. Detailed asteroseismological analysis of this star allows us to explore the PNN to white dwarf transition.

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