The Statistics of the CD-ROM Digital Archive of the International Halley Watch

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Session 48 -- Solar and Solar-System Physics
Display presentation, Wednesday, 9:20-6:30, Pauley Room

[48.08] The Statistics of the CD-ROM Digital Archive of the International Halley Watch

D.A.Klinglesmith III (NASA/GSFC), E.Grayzeck (UofMD/PDS-SBN), M.B.Niedner (NASA/GSFC)

The digital Archive of the IHW is a collection of 26 CD-ROMs containing the totality of data submitted by over 1500 observers of Comet Halley during its most recent apparition. The remote (ground-based) data was collected into nine disciplines of astronomical observations: Astrometry, Infrared Studies, Large-Scale Phenomena, Near Nucleus Studies, Photometry, Radio Studies, Amateur Observations, Meteor Studies, and Spectroscopy. The space data is being assembled separately on the last two disk of the series (HAL-0025 and HAL-0026).

This poster will present statistics about the distribution of observations made, when they were made, and where they were made. The basic software tools for using the CD-ROMs, which have been included on the disks, will be described. Besides the actual observations, a large amount of documentation detailing the data collection and data archiving are included on the CD-ROMs. In order to facilitate searching through the 15 Giga bytes of data a number of general and discipline specific index tables have been provided.

The time period covered was from December 1981 through April of 1989. There were over 60,000 individual observations recorded in 23 subnets.

The CD-ROMs are being distributed to all of the contributors who asked for them and to major astronomical facilities around the world. Additional copies can be obtained through the NASA Planetary Data Systems Small Bodies Node at the University of Maryland ( and/or NASA National Space Sciences Data Center (

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