Diffuse X-ray Emission from 47 Tuc

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Session 50 -- Globular Clusters
Display presentation, Wednesday, 9:20-6:30, Pauley Room

[50.06] Diffuse X-ray Emission from 47 Tuc

M. Krockenberger, J. E. Grindlay (CfA)

We are presenting the results of a deep x-ray search for diffuse emission in 47 Tuc. In the 61 ksec PSPC exposure we find a band of extended emission in the north-east of the cluster. This band is perpendicular to the direction of the proper motion of the cluster. The temperature of the emission is low ($T\simeq 0.1 keV$), which is expected for a bow shock between the cluster gas and the ambient interstellar medium.

In addition there are two bright diffuse sources which fall on a radial line going through the center of the cluster. This line coincides with the direction of the proper motion. The outer one of the two regions is very hot ($T \geq 2 keV$); the inner one is cooler ($T\simeq 0.5 keV$). Temperature and size of the hot region suggest that it is a background cluster of galaxies, but the alignment of the two sources in the direction of the proper motion indicates that the emission is coming from 47 Tuc. We investigate an ablating MSP as a possible source connected with 47 Tuc.

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