The Faint Globular Cluster Pal 13

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Session 50 -- Globular Clusters
Display presentation, Wednesday, 9:20-6:30, Pauley Room

[50.14] The Faint Globular Cluster Pal 13

K. Cudworth, M. Takamiya (Yerkes Obs.), S. Majewski (OCIW), R. Peterson (UCO/Lick)

Proper motions have been measured for over 250 stars in the region of the faint globular cluster Pal 13 using plates from the Palomar 200-in. and Las Campanas 100-in. telescopes spanning a total epoch difference of 40 years. Astrometric cluster membership probabilities from these proper motions have been combined with new photometry to yield a color-magnitude diagram of probable cluster members down to V $>$ 21. Radial velocities of several cluster members have also been measured. The absolute proper motion of the cluster has been derived by measuring several faint galaxies to define the proper motion zero point, resulting in a good determination of the cluster space velocity.

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