A model of the gravitational lens system B1422$+$231

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Session 5 -- Cosmology and Gravitational Lenses
Display presentation, Monday, 9:20-6:30, Heller Lounge Room

[5.07] A model of the gravitational lens system B1422$+$231

D.W.Hogg, R.D.Blandford (Caltech)

Recent observations of the radio source B1422$+$231 by Patnaik et al. \ (1992) and infrared observations by Lawrence et al. \ (1992) show it to consist of one faint and three bright images. The achromatic structure and relative image locations are strongly suggestive of a gravitational lens, as these authors argue. A simple, two-galaxy lens model is presented which can account for the image locations and relative magnifications to within observational errors. The location of the enclosed lens galaxy is predicted, as well as the order in which the four images will show flux variations and their relative time delays. The model's astrophysical implications are briefly discussed.

Lawrence et al. \ (1992). MNRAS\/ 259 5P.

Patnaik et al. \ (1992). MNRAS\/ 259 1P.

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