A Single Element Imaging Spectrograph

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Session 51 -- Instrumentation
Display presentation, Wednesday, 9:20-6:30, Pauley Room

[51.05] A Single Element Imaging Spectrograph

D.M. Cotton, T. Cook, S. Chakrabarti (Boston University)

We describe the Single Element Imaging Spectrograph (SEIS), a one bounce diffractive system, which offers both wavelength and spatial resolution (in one dimension). It combines the spectral properties of a Rowland mount spectrograph with the imaging (spatial resolution) properties of a Wadsworth through the use of a toroidal diffraction grating. No primary optics are necessary making the system especially attractive for use in the extreme and far ultraviolet (EUV and FUV) where low reflectivity of common optical coatings can severly limit instrument sensitivity. For normal incidence configurations, one can obtain fairly large fields of view ($>$ 20$^\circ$) without any losses of imaging but with some reduction in the wavelength resolution off axis. Several examples of proposed designs will be described illustrating these properties.

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