An estimate of the Galactic diffuse hard x-ray continuum

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Session 54 -- MW, Galactic Structure
Oral presentation, Wednesday, 10:30-12:00, Dwinelle 155 Room

[54.08] An estimate of the Galactic diffuse hard x-ray continuum

D.M.Smith, R.P.Lin, P.Feffer, S.Slassi, K.Hurley (UCB/SSL), P.vonBallmoos, I.Malet, M.Niel, G.Vedrenne (CESR), J.Matteson, H.B.Bowman, R.M.Pelling, M.Briggs, L.E.Peterson, R.E.Lingenfelter (UCSD/CASS), P.Durouchoux, P.Wallyn, C.Chapuis (CEN), C.Cork, D.Landis, P.Luke, N.Madden, D.Malone, R.Pehl (LBL)

The High Energy X-ray and Gamma-ray Observatory for Nuclear Emissions (HEXAGONE), a high-resolution germanium spectrometer, observed the Galactic Center (GC) in 1989 May. There were in addition three pointings off the GC but still within 40 degrees of the Galactic Plane (GP). These pointings could include emission from the Galactic diffuse continuum, Sco X-1, the black hole candidates 1E1740.7-2942 and GRS1758-258, and other point sources. We derive an estimate of the diffuse GP continuum from 25-515 keV based on these measurements and assumptions about the states of the point sources.

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