Numerical experiments in the dynamical evolution of dwarf galaxies

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Session 6 -- Normal Galaxies: Structure and Dynamics
Display presentation, Monday, 9:20-6:30, Pauley Room

[6.15] Numerical experiments in the dynamical evolution of dwarf galaxies

L.K.Erickson (ERAU)

N-body simulations of spherical galaxy models were developed to study the structure and evolution of dwarf galaxies in various environments. The experiments are based on a n=3 polytrope model containing approximately 100,000 particles in the equilibrium, non-rotating configuration. Each model was integrated using the 3-D code developed by R. H. Miller (Miller, Ap.J., 223, 122). Both static and orbiting cases which represented non-dissipative particle systems were studied with and without the external potential of a second, nearby system. The companion objects were also represented as spherical particle systems with a mass of 10 times the dwarf mass. Integrated moments of the dwarf and higher mass objects were measured in the isolated and the orbiting configurations. Energy and momentum exchange between the interacting systems are compared with the periodic and aperiodic motion within the significantly different mass objects.

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