The Structure of the Cygnus X Region

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Session 62 -- Very Young Stars
Display presentation, Thursday, 9:20-4:00, Pauley Room

[62.04] The Structure of the Cygnus X Region

L.~A.~Molnar and C.~D.~Halas (U.~Iowa)

The Cygnus X region is prominent at many wavelengths. We present the results of a comparative study aimed at establishing the physical relationships between these various observations. We find that the bulk of the radio emission (H~II regions) and the infrared emission (warm dust) is associated with a bubble surrounding the Cyg~OB2 association at a distance of 1.7~kpc. The CO emission, by contrast, arises principally in front of Cyg OB2, and the H I emission behind Cyg OB2. We suggest an interpretation of these latter two observations in terms of molecular clouds forming at the inner edge of a spiral arm

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