Near-Infrared Monitoring of T-Tauri Stars

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Session 62 -- Very Young Stars
Display presentation, Thursday, 9:20-4:00, Pauley Room

[62.16] Near-Infrared Monitoring of T-Tauri Stars

C.M.Hamilton (ASU), M.F.Skrutskie (UMass), D.Whalen (UWyo)

\noindent We report near-infrared JHK photometry of 12 T-Tauri stars observed at intervals of a few days to a few weeks during 1991 and 1992. The sample mainly contains stars dominated by accretion luminosity. All of the stars varied over the monitoring period with amplitudes ranging between a few tenths of a magnitude to a full magnitude. Variations are well correlated at all three wavelengths and appear aperiodic. We also include near-infrared light curves for V410Tau, a rapidly rotating, heavily spotted weak-line T-Tauri star as a demonstration of the accuracy and consistency of the photometric measurements (typically 1-2 \%) and for comparison with the extensive body of existing visible-wavelength observations.

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