Gamma-Rays from Pulsar Outer Gaps

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Session 64 -- Pulsars
Display presentation, Thursday, 9:20-4:00, Heller Lounge Room

[64.03] Gamma-Rays from Pulsar Outer Gaps

J. Chiang, R. W. Romani (Stanford), C. Ho (LANL)

The discovery by the Compton Observatory of several new gamma ray pulsars has caused renewed interest in the mechanisms responsible for the production of high energy radiation by rotation-powered pulsars. We present details of an improved outer gap calculation with which we hope to describe the various pulse shapes and spectral features seen among the gamma ray pulsars. Using a simple geometrical model for the outer gap emission, we attempt to ascertain the origin of the observed emission in the pulsar magnetosphere as a function of pulse phase. The phase dependent spectral variations should then reflect the varying conditions in the pulsar magnetosphere with respect to magnetic field, gap geometry, ambient photon density, particle density, etc. Comparing the observations with our detailed spectral calculations will place important constraints on the model and should allow us to improve our understanding of these objects.

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