Polarisation studies of PSR 0823-26

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Session 64 -- Pulsars
Display presentation, Thursday, 9:20-4:00, Heller Lounge Room

[64.05] Polarisation studies of PSR 0823-26

Joanna Rankin, N. Rathnasree (UVM)

Single pulse sequences and polarisation observations of PSR 0823+26 are presented. This is a curious pulsar, which has a post-cursor seperated by approximately $30^0$ in longitude from the main pulse as well as an interpulse. The separation between the main pulse and the post cursor makes it difficult to incorporate this pulsar in the general classification of pulsar profiles (Rankin 1993). Possibile magnetospheric structures leading to the emission in the post cursor in this as well as some other pulsars are explored. Correlation studies in intensity between the main pulse, the post cursor and the interpulse are presented for the first time. This research was supported by National Science Foundation grant AST 89-17722. Arecibo Observatory is operated by Cornell University under contract to the National Science Foundation.

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