Observations of Neutron Stars with EUVE

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Session 69 -- Cataclysmic Variables and Pulsars
Oral presentation, Thursday, 10:30-12:00, Dwinelle 155 Room

[69.06] Observations of Neutron Stars with EUVE

H. L. Marshall (CEA/UCB) and L.R. Cominsky (Sonoma St. U.)

We present results of extreme ultraviolet observations of neutron stars, selected at other wavebands, that were observed by the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer during the survey phase. Only two neutron star systems have been detected so far during the survey: Her X-1 and Sco X-1. Both are low mass X-ray binary systems. Detailed results on the light curve, pulsation analysis, and source spectral model will be presented for Her X-1. The latter is detected primarily due to soft X-rays. None of the radio pulsars were detected nor was the $\gamma$-ray pulsar, Geminga. We will present limits to the observed count rates and interpret these results in the context of models of thermal emission from the surfaces and the expected line-of-sight neutral hydrogen column densities. Results of folding data over known periods will be presented.

This work has been supported by NASA contracts NAS5-30180 and NAS5-29298.

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