EGRET Observations of High-Energy $\gamma$-Ray Pulsars

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Session 69 -- Cataclysmic Variables and Pulsars
Oral presentation, Thursday, 10:30-12:00, Dwinelle 155 Room

[69.08] EGRET Observations of High-Energy $\gamma$-Ray Pulsars

J.M. Fierro, J. Chiang, Y.C. Lin, P.F. Michelson, P.L. Nolan (Stanford), D.L. Bertsch, C.E. Fichtel, R.C. Hartman, S.D. Hunter, J.R. Mattox, D.J. Thompson (NASA/GSFC), K.T.S. Brazier, G. Kanbach, H.A. Mayer-Hasselwander, C. von Montigny (MPE), E. Schneid (Grumman), D.E. Kniffen (Hampden-Sydney Coll.)

EGRET has now detected five high-energy $\gamma$-ray pulsars: Crab, Vela, Geminga, PSR B1706-44, and most recently PSR B1055-52. The characteristics of these objects derived from EGRET data will be presented and discussed in the context of pulsar $\gamma$-ray emission models.

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