Multiple Bipolar-Outflow Sources in NGC~7538/IRS~9

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Session 75 -- Star Formation II
Oral presentation, Thursday, 2:30-4:00, Zellerbach Playhouse Room

[75.05] Multiple Bipolar-Outflow Sources in NGC~7538/IRS~9

Gorm Nykreim, John E. Carlstrom (Caltech)

We present interferometric maps of CO and dust around IRS~9 of the NGC~7538 star forming region at a 2.7~kpc distance. Recent single dish observations revealed an extremely high velocity (EHV) molecular flow. In contrast to the previously mapped large scale molecular outflow, the EHV flow is very compact, unresolved by the 15$^{\prime\prime}$ resolution single dish observations. We confirm these results of an EHV outburst and with our high resolution ($\sim 3^{\prime\prime}$) maps, we have resolved the young outburst. In projection, the EHV outflow is misaligned from the larger outflow by approximately 150$^\circ$ and appears centered roughly 4$^{\prime\prime}$ (10$^4$~A.U.) from IRS~9. The 2.7 mm continuum map, which traces the dust column density, shows a compact source at IRS~9 which is elongated roughly toward the midpoint of the EHV outflow.

We conclude that the IRS~9 region contains at least two bipolar outflow sources, and speculate on the importance of companion sources in bipolar outflows.

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