Redshifts and Photometry for 5 clusters at z$\sim$0.3

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Session 78 -- QSOs and Gravitational Lenses
Oral presentation, Thursday, 2:30-4:00, Durham Room

[78.05] Redshifts and Photometry for 5 clusters at z$\sim$0.3

M.J. Way (Univ of Missouri-St.Louis, Universidad Catolica de Chile), G. Hertling, L. Infante (Universidad Catolica de Chile)

We present results from a study of 5 medium redshift clusters at z$\sim$0.3 CL0500, CL0513, CL0017, CL0323, CL0231. The spectra were gathered from the ESO 3.6 meter, and the photometry from several other ground based telescopes. Two of the clusters (CL0500 and CL0017) each contain a large gravitational arc. A redshift for the arc in CL0500 has tenatively been measured by Giraud (1992 preprint). The number of measured redshifts in 4 of the clusters allow us to obtain confident M/L ratios. In particular, we find the clusters containing the arcs to be rich and very compact, as one would expect in a lensing configuration. A brief discussion of the fraction of blue members, as defined by Butcher \& Oemler (1978,ApJ 219,18), that were found in each cluster,will also be presented. This work was supported by a grant from FONDECYT \#1930570.

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