Tuesday Titles

Program overview


Session 25. EUVE -- Astronomy I

Oral, Tuesday, 8:30-12:30, Zellerbach Auditorium

25.01 EUV Spectroscopy from the Voyagers 1 and 2
J. B. Holberg (Univ. of Arizona)
25.02 EUV Observations with the Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope: Results from Astro-1
R. A. Kimble (NASA/GSFC)
25.03 In-orbit Performance of NASA's Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer Observatory
R. F. Malina (CEA/UCB)
25.04 Early Results from the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer
S. Bowyer (CEA/UCB)
25.05 EUV Spectroscopy of BL Lac Objects
S. M. Kahn (UCB), D. A. Liedahl (LLNL), A. Konigl, J. Kartje (Univ. of Chicago), T. Kallman (GSFC), A. Fruscione and S. Bowyer (CEA/UCB)
25.06 EUV Spectroscopy of X-ray Photoionized Plasmas
D. A. Liedahl (LLNL)
25.07 EUVE Observations of VV Pup
P. Szkody (Univ. Wash.), S. Vennes (CEA/SSL/UCB), E. Sion (Villanova Univ.) and K. Long (STScI)
25.08 EUVE Observations of the Io Plasma Torus
H. W. Moos, D. T. Hall, P. D. Feldman, D. F. Strobel (Johns Hopkins Univ), M. A. McGrath (STScI), J. T. Clarke (Univ of Mich), J. H. Waite (SW Res Inst), G. R. Gladstone (UC Berkeley), F. Bagenal, N. M. Schneider (Univ of Colo) and D. E. Shemansky (USC)
25.09 Results from the ROSAT Wide-Field Camera
K. Pounds (U. Leicester)

Session 26. Interferometry I

Oral, Tuesday, 8:30-12:30, Zellerbach Playhouse

26.01 Introduction
W. J. Welch (U.C. Berkeley)
26.02 Molecular Cloud Environment
N. J. Evans II (Univ. of Texas)
26.03 Infall Motions Around Massive Star Forming Regions
S. Terebey (IPAC; JPL and Caltech)
26.04 Ultracompact H II Regions
D.J. Hollenbach (NASA/Ames)
26.05 Masers: Probes of Star Forming Regions
M. J. Reid (CfA)
26.06 High-Mass Star Formation in External Galaxies
J. L. Turner (UCLA)

Session 27. Hat Creek

Oral, Tuesday, 8:30-12:30, Dwinelle 155

27.01 Beginnings of the Hat Creek Observatory and the 85-foot Telescope
H. Weaver (Radio Astronomy Laboratory/Department of Astronomy, UCBerkeley)
27.02 The Dying Day
C. Heiles (UC Berkeley)
27.03 Radio Recombination Lines at Thirty Years
W. M. Goss (NRAO)
27.04 Tracking the Motions of Cosmic Masers
J. M. Moran (CfA)
27.05 Measurements of the Zeeman Effect - Past, Present, and Future
T. H. Troland (U. of Kentucky)
27.06 Diffuse X-Ray Emission from HII Complexes - Scent of SNRs
Y. -H. Chu (U. Illinois)
27.07 High-Velocity H I Gas in Supernova Remnants
B. Koo (Astronomy Department, Seoul National University)

Session 28. HST Instruments and Techniques

Display, Tuesday, 9:30-6:30, Pauley

28.01 The Medium-Deep Survey: Faint Galaxy Detection Methods Applied to Hubble Space Telescope Wide Field Camera Images
L. W. Neuschaefer and K. U. Ratnatunga (JHU)
28.02 Optical field angle distortion calibration of HST Fine Guidance Sensor \# 3
W. Jefferys, Q. Wang, A. Whipple, G. Benedict, B. McArthur, E. Nelan and D. Story (University of Texas at Austin and McDonald Observatory)
28.03 One Guide Star Astrometry with the HST FGSs
M.G. Lattanzi, S.T. Holfeltz, R. Gilmozzi (STScI) and J. MacConnell (CSC)
28.04 The Photometric Calibration of the Astrometer FGS on the Hubble Space Telescope
S.T. Holfeltz, P.C. Vener-Saavedra, B. Bucciarelli, M.G. Lattanzi and L.G. Taff (STScI)
28.05 HST-FGS Transfer Functions: Temporal Stability and its Significance for Binary Star Observations
O.G. Franz, L.H. Wasserman (Lowell Obs.), A.J. Bradley (Allied-Signal Aerospace Corp.), E. Nelan, D. Story and A.L. Whipple (McDonald Obs., U. Texas)
28.06 Wavelength Calibration of the Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph
D. Lindler (ACC, Inc.)
28.07 The Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph after the Servicing Mission for the Hubble Space Telescope
D. Soderblom, W. Baggett, S. Hulbert, J. Skapik, L. Walter (STScI), D. Ebbets, H. Garner (BASG), J. Brandt (U. Colo.) and S. Heap (GSFC)
28.08 HST Servicing Mission Observatory Verification
G. Sleiman (STScI) and P. Stanley (STScI)
28.09 Realtime Monitoring and Quick Look Evaluation of HST Observations
C. T. Kowal, F. C. Hamilton, T. A. Ellis, D. A. Fraquelli, H. M. Hart, D. A. Kenny, J. F. Scott, J. F. Walters, K. Whittenburg, B. H. Zellner and A. V. Holm (CSC)
28.10 Routine Processing and Evaluation of HST Observations
S. B. Parsons, I. R. Wilson, J. R. Crawford, R. C. Dempsey, R. A. Ewald, S. D. Gillam, E. A. Giovane, M. C. Kochte, A. B. Schultz, J. F. Scott and D. A. Swade (CSC)

Session 29. Novae and Supernovae

Display, Tuesday, 9:30-6:30, Pauley

29.01 Interpreting the Optical Nebular Spectrum of Nova Cygni 1992
A. J. Barger, J. S. Gallagher, K. J. Bjorkman, J. S. Mathis and K. H. Nordsieck (U. Wisconsin-Madison)
29.02 Modeling the Optical and UV Nebular Spectra of Nova Cygni 1992
S. J. Austin, S. Starrfield (ASU), R. M. Wagner (OSU), S. N. Shore (GHRS/CSC) and G. Sonneborn (GSFC)
29.03 Optical and Ultraviolet Spectrophotometry of the ONeMg Nova Herculis 1991
K. M. Vanlandingham (ASU), S. Starrfield (ASU), R. M. Wagner (OSU), S. N. Shore (GHRS/CSC) and G. Sonneborn (LASP/GSFC)
29.04 On the Origin of Wind Outflow in Dwarf Novae During Outburst and in UX UMa Nova-Like Variables
M. Huang and E. M. Sion (Villanova Univ.)
29.05 Mass Estimates of the Fast Novae QZ Aur and Her 1991
D. Ingram and P. Szkody (University of Washington)
29.06 Analysis of the Light Curves of Type I Supernovae
W. D. Vacca and B. Leibundgut (UC Berkeley)
29.07 On the Inhomogeneous Nature of Type Ia Supernovae
M. M. Phillips (CTIO/NOAO)
29.08 Type Ib and Ic Supernova Light Curve Templates and the determination SN Ibc Rates
C. K. Smith, R. A. Muller, H. J. M. Newberg and C. R. P. S. Perlmutter (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory)
29.09 Light Curves for Supernovae
G. S. Vinton, W. Herbst (Wesleyan) and C. H. Ford (U.Toledo)
29.10 The Optical Light Curves of SN 1980K
B. Leibundgut (UC Berkeley), R. P. Kirshner (Harvard University) and A. C. Porter (NOAO)
29.11 Leuschner Observatory Supernova Search (LOSS)
R. R. Treffers, B. Leibundgut, A. V. Filippenko (UC Berkeley) and M. W. Richmond (Princeton University)
29.12 An Infra-Red Supernova Search in Nearby IRAS Galaxies
B. Grossan, S. Gabi, A. Goobar, C. Pennypacker, S. Perlmutter, C. Smith, R. Tripp (University of California at Berkeley) and E. Spillar (University of Wyoming)
29.13 Theoretical Models of Type II Supernovae and Comparison with Observations
J. J. L. Hsu (UC Berkeley), R. R. Ross (Holy Cross), P. Podsiadlowski (U Cambridge) and P. C. Joss (MIT)
29.14 The $r$-Process and Neutrino-Powered Winds
R. D. Hoffman (UCO/Lick Obs., Astronomy Board, UCSC)
29.15 BVRI Synthetic Aperature Photometry of Supernova 1993J
A. Dosaj, F. Cianciolo, R. Gearhart, B. White, W. White and J. C. Wheeler (U.Texas)
29.16 CCD Observations of SN1993J in M81 from the Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium
P. J. Benson, I. R. Little-Marenin (Wellesley C.), W. Herbst, J. J. Salzer, G. Vinton (Wesleyan U.), D. Elmegreen, F. Chromey (Vassar C.), T. J. Balonek, C. Strom, C. Tremonti (Colgate U.), G. J. Hanson, S. Ratcliff, P. F. Winkler (Middlebury C.), K. Gloria, K. Kwitter, J. M. Pasachoff, J. Partan, F. Crawford (Williams C.), B. Elmegreen (IBM), L. Wells (KPNO/NOAO) and R. Tweedy (U. of Arizona)
29.17 The Theoretical Light Curve and Spectral Evolution of Type II Supernovae
R. G. Eastman, S. E. Woosley (UCO/Lick Obs., Astronomy Board, UCSC), T. A. Weaver (General Studies Division, LLNL) and P. A. Pinto (Univ. Arizona)

Session 30. Clusters of Galaxies

Display, Tuesday, 9:30-6:30, Pauley

30.01 The Small-Scale Angular Correlation Function for a High-Galactic Latitude Faint Field
D. Woods, G. G. Fahlman and H. B. Richer (UBC)
30.02 A Quantitative Study of the Evolution of Faint Field Galaxies
C. Gronwall and D. C. Koo (UCSC)
30.03 Field Galaxies from the Medium Deep Survey
D. A. Forbes, A. C. Phillips, M. A. Bershady, G. D. Illingworth, D. C. Koo (UCSC), R. E. Griffiths (JHU), R. Ellis, G. Gilmore (IOA), R. Green (NOAO), J. Huchra (CfA), K. Ratnatunga (JHU), A. Tyson (AT+T) and R. Windhorst (ASU)
30.04 ROSAT Observations of the Fornax Cluster
M. Loewenstein (NASA/GSFC-USRA), R. F. Mushotzky and R. Petre (NASA/GSFC)
30.05 High resolution X-ray imaging of the central galaxy in the Centaurus cluster
W. B. Sparks (Space Telescope Science Institute) and F. Macchetto (Space Telescope Science Institute)
30.06 An H$\alpha$ Emission Line Survey of Galaxies in the Bootes Void
D. Weistrop, P. Hintzen (UNLV), C. Liu, J. Lowenthal (Steward Obs.), K. -P. Cheng, R. Oliversen and B. Woodgate (NASA/GSFC)
30.07 X-ray Spectra and Structures of 7 Clusters of Galaxies
P. Zhao, D.A. Schwartz (SAO) and R.A. Remillard (MIT)
30.08 Galaxy Evolution in Moderate Redshift Clusters
A. Stanford (UC-Berkeley), M. Dickinson (UC-Berkeley) and P. Eisenhardt (JPL)
30.09 The Effect of Environment on Mass and Light in Spiral Galaxies: An Intensive Study of 11 Abell Clusters
N. P. Vogt, M. P. Haynes and T. L. Herter (Cornell)
30.10 A Spectroscopic and Photometric Survey of Galaxies in Poor Clusters
M. V. Newberry, J. Hill (Steward Observatory) and R. Price (U. New Mexico)
30.11 The Anomalously Large Peculiar Velocity of Abell 2634
M. Gregg (IGPP/LLNL)
30.12 Modeling of Gravitationally Lensed Images in Cluster Abell 2218
V. Petrosian and D. W. Saraniti (Stanford University)
30.13 WF/PC Imaging of the Distant Cluster 0016+16
G. D. Wirth (UC Santa Cruz) and D. C. Koo (UCO/Lick)
30.14 Evidence for Mergers in a Cluster at High Z
R. D. McClure (DAO/HIA/NRC), M. J. Pierce (NOAO) and R. J. Lavery (DTM-CIW)
30.15 Complex QSO Absorbers: High-Redshift Clusters of Galaxies?
D.M. Meyer, M.P. Ulmer and R.C. Nichol (Northwestern Univ.)
30.16 Cosmological Dependence of Cluster Density Profiles
M. M. Crone, A. E. Evrard and D. O. Richstone (University of Michigan)
30.17 He-like Iron Line Temperature Diagnostics in Clusters of Galaxies
D. A. Swartz and M. E. Sulkanen (NASA/MSFC)
30.18 Evolution of Clusters of Galaxies: UIT Observations of Perseus
P. Hintzen, K. -P. Cheng, E. P. Smith (LASP/GSFC), R. C. Bohlin (STScI), W. B. Landsman (STX), R. W. O'Connell (U. Virginia), M. S. Roberts (NRAO), A. M. Smith and T. P. Stecher (LASP/GSFC)
30.19 A Multivariate Analysis of Galaxy Cluster Properties
P. M. Ogle and S. Djorgovski (Caltech)

Session 31. Star-Forming Galaxies

Display, Tuesday, 9:30-6:30, Heller Lounge

31.01 Ultraviolet Imaging of the Starburst Disk in NGC1068
S. G. Neff (GSFC), M. N. Fanelli (NRC/GSFC), L. J. Roberts (HSTX), R. C. Bohlin (STScI), R. W. O'Connell (UVa), M. S. Roberts (NRAO), A. M. Smith and T. P. Stecher (GSFC)
31.02 UIT Observations of M100
N. R. Collins (Hughes STX), P. C. Chen (CSC), M. N. Fanelli (NRC/GSFC), R. C. Bohlin (STScI), K. P. Cheng (NRC/GSFC), R. H. Cornett (Hughes STX), P. M. N. Hintzen (CSULB/NASA/GSFC), R. W. O'Connell (University of Virginia), M. S. Roberts (NRAO), A. M. Smith and T. P. Stecher (NASA/GSFC)
31.03 UIT Ultraviolet Surface Photometry of the Spiral Galaxy M74
R. H. Cornett, M. R. Greason, J. D. Offenberg (Hughes STX), R. C. Bohlin (STSciI), K. P. Cheng (NRC/GSFC), R. W. O'Connell (U.Va.), M. R. Roberts (NRAO), A. M. Smith, E. P. Smith (NASA/GSFC), R. J. Angione, F. D. Talbert (San Diego State U.) and T. P. Stecher (NASA/GSFC)
31.04 HST Observations of the Starburst Nucleus of M83=NGC 5236
S. R. Heap (NASA/GSFC), J. Holbrook (USRA/GSFC), E. Malumuth (CSC), S. Shore (CSC) and W. Waller (NRC/GSFC)
31.05 Optical and UV Morphology of the Starburst Knots of Wolf-Rayet Galaxies
P. S. Conti (JILA), A. V. Filippenko, W. D. Vacca (UCB), C. Leitherer, C. Robert (STScI) and W. L. W. Sargent (CalTech)
31.06 Observations of Blue/Emission-Line Galxies from the Case Survey
J. L. Rosenberg, J. J. Salzer (Wesleyan U.) and J. W. Moody (BYU)
31.07 H$\alpha$ and IRAS Properties of Hot Spot Galaxies
A. C. Phillips (University of California, Santa Cruz)
31.08 Star Formation in NGC4449: MAMA-Detector UV Imagery and Fabry-Perot Balmer-Line Imagery
A. M. Smith (Laboratory for Astronomy and Solar Physics, NASA/GSFC), R. S. Hill (Hughes STX Corp.), A. J. Home, F. C. Bruhweiler (CUA), K. -P. Cheng, P. M. N. Hintzen and R. J. Oliversen (Laboratory for Astronomy and Solar Physics, NASA/GSFC)
31.09 An H\thinspace I Survey of Actively Star-Forming Dwarf Galaxies
J. J. Salzer, J. L. Rosenberg (Wesleyan U.), E. W. Weisstein (Caltech), J. M. Mazzarella (IPAC, Caltech/JPL) and G. D. Bothun (U. Oregon)
31.10 Properties of Dust Extinction in Starburst Galaxies
D. Calzetti, A. L. Kinney (STScI), T. Storchi-Bergmann (UFRGS) and N. Panagia (ESA/STScI)
31.11 A ROSAT image of the Merger NGC 7252
J. E. Hibbard (Columbia U.), J. H. van Gorkom (Columbia U.) and F. Schweizer (CIW DTM)
31.12 ROSAT Observations of the X-ray Luminous Knots in M51
A. P. Marston (Drake U.), K. Flanagan (SAO), D. Elmegreen (Vassar Coll.), B. Elmegreen (IBM), W. Forman and C. Jones (SAO)
31.13 Kinematics of the M82 Starburst
N. I. Gaffney, D. F. Lester (University of Texas/McDonald Observatory) and C. M. Telesco (NASA MSFC)
31.14 High Resolution Continuum and Br$\gamma$ Imaging Observations of M82
J. E. Larkin (Palomar Observatory, Caltech), J. R. Graham (U. C. Berkeley), K. Matthews, B. T. Soifer (Palomar Observatory, Caltech), S. Beckwith, T. M. Herbst (Max-Planck-Institut f\"ur Astronomie) and A. C. Quillen (Caltech)
31.15 The Nucleus and Starburst of NGC253: Multiwavelength Observations
B. J. Sams, R. Genzel, A. Eckart, L. Tacconi-Garman and R. Hofmann (MPE)
31.16 Compact Radio Sources in NGC 253 and M82
J. S. Ulvestad (JPL/Caltech) and R. R. J. Antonucci (UCSB)
31.17 On The Nature of Faint Galaxies with Strong UV Excess
S. Cruzen, D. Weistrop (UNLV) and R. Angione (SDSU)
31.18 Near-Infrared Imaging of Radio-Luminous Starburst Galaxies
D. A. Smith, T. L. Herter and M. P. Haynes (Cornell U.)
31.19 Long-Slit Optical Spectroscopy of Infrared Galaxies
M. Ashby and J. R. Houck (Cornell University)
31.20 Probing the Optical Depth of Galaxies using Multi--waveband observations
R. Evans (Ritter Observatory, University of Toledo)

Session 32. Local Group Galaxies

Display, Tuesday, 9:30-6:30, Heller Lounge

32.01 UIT Imagery of the Field of N49 in the LMC
R. S. Hill (Hughes STX Corp.), A. M. Smith, K. -P. Cheng (Laboratory for Astronomy and Solar Physics, NASA/GSFC), R. C. Bohlin (STSciI), R. W. O'Connell (U. of Virginia), M. S. Roberts (NRAO) and T. P. Stecher (Laboratory for Astronomy and Solar Physics, NASA/GSFC)
32.02 UIT Observations of the Small Magellanic Cloud
T. P. Stecher (NASA/GSFC), K. P. Cheng (NRC/GSFC), R. H. Cornett, J. K. Hill (Hughes STX), R. C. Bohlin (STSciI), R. W. O'Connell (U.Va.), M. R. Roberts (NRAO) and A. M. Smith (NASA/GSFC)
32.03 The Horizontal Branch and Variable Stars in Leo I: Further Evidence for an Intermediate Age Population
M. Keane (Lick Observatory), E. Olszewski (Steward Observatory), N. Suntzeff (CTIO) and A. Saha (STScI)
32.04 Big Blackhole in Draco
N. V. Strobel and G. Lake (Univ. WA)
32.05 The Dwarf Spheroidal Companions to M31: A Color-Magnitude Diagram for And III
T. E. Armandroff (KPNO/NOAO), G. S. DiCosta (AAO), N. Caldwell (SAO) and P. Seitzer (U. Mich.)
32.06 A New Color-Magnetude Diagram for Carina, a Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy in the Local Group
P.B. Stetson, T.A. Smecker-Hane, J.E. Hesser (DAO/HIA/NRC) and M. Lehnert (IGPP/LLNL)
32.07 Late-type stars in M31
J. P. Brewer (UBC), D. R. Crabtree (DAO) and H. B. Richer (UBC)
32.08 The Nuclear Disk of M31
M. A. Pahre, J. R. Mould, K. Matthews (Caltech), K. Mighell and R. M. Rich (Columbia)
32.09 Search for Galaxies in the ZOA
C. A. Pantoja (U.Okla.), D. R. Altschuler, R. Giovanelli (NAIC) and C. Giovanardi (Arcetri)
32.10 Structures of Extremely Late-Type Galaxies in the Local Supercluster
L. D. Matthews (SUNY at Stony Brook) and J. S. Gallagher (U. Wisconsin)
32.11 Kinematics and the Optical Structures of Extremely Late-Type Galaxies
J. S. Gallagher (U. Wisconsin) and L. D. Matthews (SUNY at Stony Brook)

Session 33. Gamma-Rays and Cosmic Rays

Display, Tuesday, 9:30-6:30, Heller Lounge

33.01 Cosmological Gamma-Ray Bursters
P. Tamblyn and F. Melia (Steward Observatory)
33.02 Precise Localizations of Gamma-Ray Bursts from the 2nd Interplanetary Network
F. Hack, K. Hurley (UCB-SSL), J. -L. Atteia, C. Barat, M. Niel (CESR), T. Cline, B. Dennis (NASA GSFC), C. Kouveliotou (NASA MSFC), R. Klebesadel, J. Laros (LASL), V. Kurt, A. Kuznetsov and V. Zenchenko (IKI)
33.03 The Intrinsic Luminosity of Gamma Ray Burst from BATSE-PVO
E. E. Fenimore (LANL), R. I. Epstein (LANL), C. Ho (LANL), J. G. Laros (LANL), M. Meier (LANL), T. E. Strohmayer (LANL), G. Pendleton (MSFC), G. Fishman (MSFC), C. Kouveliotou (MSFC) and C. Meegan (MSFC)
33.04 Multi-Wavelength Observations of May 1 1992 Gamma-Ray Burst
P. Li, K. Hurley (SSL), M. Sommer (MPIFEP), A. Smette (ESO), C. Kouveliotou, G. Fishman (MSFC), T. Cline (GSFC), M. Boer, M. Niel (CESR) and J. Laros (LANL)
33.05 A New Class of High Energy Transient?
T. E. Strohmayer (LANL), E. E. Fenimore (LANL), T. Murakami (ISAS) and A. Yoshida (RIKEN)
33.06 EGRET Observations of the Diffuse Gamma Ray Emission from the Galactic Plane
P. Sreekumar, B. L. Dingus, D. L. Bertsch, C. E. Fichtel, R. C. Hartman, S. D. Hunter, D. J. Thompson, G. Kanbach, H. A. Mayer-Hasselwander, C. von Montigny, Y. C. Lin, P. L. Nolan, P. F. Michelson, J. Chiang, D. A. Kniffen, J. R. Mattox and E. J. Schneid ()
33.07 EGRET Observations of Point Sources within $\bf 10^{\circ}$ of the Galactic Plane
D. L. Bertsch, B. L. Dingus, C. E. Fichtel, R. C. Hartman, S. D. Hunter, P. Sreekumar, D. J. Thompson, G. Kanbach, H. A. Mayer-Hasselwander, C. von Montigny, Y. C. Lin, P. L. Nolan, P. F. Michelson, J. Chiang, D. A. Kniffen, J. R. Mattox and E. J. Schneid ()
33.08 EGRET observations of a mid-latitude region: $\bf 10^{\circ} < b^{II} < 45^{\circ}$, $\bf -90^{\circ} < \ell^{II} < 90^{\circ}$
P. L. Nolan, Y. C. Lin, P. F. Michelson (Stanford), D. L. Bertsch, B. L. Dingus, C. E. Fichtel, R. C. Hartman, S. D. Hunter, J. R. Mattox, P. Sreekumar, D. J. Thompson (NASA/GSFC), K. Brazier, G. Kanbach, H. A. Mayer-Hasselwander, C. von Montigny (MPE), E. Schneid (Grumman) and D. A. Kniffen (Hampden-Sydney College)
33.09 Search for Ultra-High Energy Emission from Geminga and Five Unidentified EGRET Sources
S. Biller, P. Chumney, M. Harmon, A. Shoup, G. B. Yodh (U.C.Irvine), D. E. Alexandreas (U.C.Irvine, INFN-Padova), G. E. Allen, C. Y. Chang, M. L. Chen, C. Dion, J. A. Goodman, T. J. Haines, M. J. Stark (U.Maryland), G. M. Dion (U.Maryland, ICRR-Tokyo), D. Berley (U.Maryland, NSF), R. L. Burman, C. M. Hoffman, D. E. Nagle, D. M. Schmidt, C. Sinnis, D. D. Weeks (LANL), W. P. Zhang (LANL, NASA-GSFC), R. W. Ellsworth (George Mason U.), M. Cavalli-Sforza, D. Coyne, D. Dorfan, L. Kelley, S. Klein, R. Schnee, D. A. Williams, T. Yang (U.C.Santa Cruz) and J. -P. Wu (U.C.Riverside)
33.10 Results From The Cygnus Air Shower Experiment
T. Yang (LANL), S. Biller, P. Chumney, M. Harmon, A. Shoup, G. B. Yodh (U.C.Irvine), D. E. Alexandreas (U.C.Irvine, INFN-Padova), G. E. Allen, C. Y. Chang, M. L. Chen, C. Dion, J. A. Goodman, T. J. Haines, M. J. Stark (U.Maryland), G. M. Dion (U.Maryland, ICRR-Tokyo), D. Berley (U.Maryland, NSF), R. L. Burman, C. M. Hoffman, D. E. Nagle, D. M. Schmidt, C. Sinnis, D. D. Weeks (LANL), W. P. Zhang (LANL, NASA-GSFC), R. W. Ellsworth (George Mason U.), M. Cavalli-Sforza, D. Coyne, D. Dorfan, L. Kelley, S. Klein, R. Schnee, D. A. Williams, T. Yang (U.C.Santa Cruz) and J. -P. Wu (U.C.Riverside)
33.11 New Directions in Gamma Ray Astronomy above 10$^{14}$ eV
K. G. Gibbs, A. Borione, C. E. Covault, J. W. Cronin, B. E. Fick, T. A. McKay, B. J. Newport, R. A. Ong, L. J. Rosenberg (EFI,U of Chicago), M. Catanese, K. D. Green, J. Matthews, D. Nitz, D. Sinclair, J. C. van der Velde (U of Michigan) and D. B. Kieda (U of Utah)
33.12 Acceleration Efficiency and Time Dependent Effects in Oblique MHD Cosmic-Ray Mediated Shocks: Two-Fluid Numerical Simulations
T. W. Jones, A. Frank (UM) and D. Ryu (Chungnam National University, Korea)
33.13 Heavy Ion Cosmic Rays Observed by the ONR-604 Instrument on the CRRES Satellite
Y. Sang, J. Chen, T. G. Guzik, J. P. Wefel (LSU) and K. R. Pyle (U. of Chicago)

Session 34. Airborne Astronomy

Display, Tuesday, 9:30-6:30, Pauley

34.01 NASA's Airborne Astronomy Program
E. W. Dunham (NASA/Ames) and H. P. Larson (University of Arizona)
34.02 The Next Generation Airborne Observatory - SOFIA
E. F. Erickson (NASA/Ames) and J. A. Davidson (SETI Institute)
34.03 The Kuiper Airborne Observatory As An Educational Tool-The FOSTER Project
D. Koch, G. Hull, C. Gillespie (NASA/Ames) and E. DeVore (SETI Inst)
34.04 The "Science in the Stratosphere" Program: Developing a Role for Airborne Astronomy in Elementary Science Education
D. Lester, M. Hemenway (University of Texas), P. Stryker (Barton Creek Elementary School) and M. Willis (Grisham Middle School)
34.05 Kuiper Airbourne Observatory Spectrophotometry of SN1987A: A Review of the Results and the Unresolved Problems
D.H. Wooden (NASA/ARC)
34.06 Far-Infrared Polarimetry of Molecular Clouds
J.L. Dotson, C.D. Dowell, R.H. Hildebrand, D. Schleuning (University of Chicago), J.A. Davidson (Ames Research Center) et al.
34.07 Far-infrared Polarization of the Sagittarius B2 Molecular Cloud
G. Novak, S. R. Platt (Princeton U., Dept. of Physics), P. F. Goldsmith (NAIC), R. H. Hildebrand, J. Dotson, D. Figer (U. of Chicago, E.F.I.) and J. A. Davidson (NASA-Ames)
34.08 Heterodyne Spectroscopy of Far-Infrared CO Emission
R. T. Boreiko and A. L. Betz (U. Colorado)
34.09 Extended [CII] 158 $\mu$m mapping of the S140 and Rosette Molecular Cloud Regions
J. Stutzki, N. Schneider (I. Physikalisches Institut der Universit\"at zu K\"oln) and S. Madden (MPI f\"ur extraterrestrische Physik)
34.10 158 Micron [CII] Imaging of NGC 891
G. J. Stacey (Cornell), N. Geis, C. H. Townes (UCB), R. Genzel, F. Herrmann, A. Poglitsch, S. C. Madden (MPIE) and M. Hires (U. Mass.)
34.11 Measurements of the Far-Infrared [N III] and [O III] Lines in the Outer-Galaxy H II Regions S 206, S 209, and S 212
H. L. Dinerstein (U.Texas/Austin), M. R. Haas, E. F. Erickson (NASA/ARC) and M. W. Werner (JPL)
34.12 Contribution from H\II. Regions to [Si\II.] 34.8 $\mu$m Emission
R. H. Rubin (NASA/Ames), R. J. Dufour, D. K. Walter (Rice), M. R. Haas (NASA/Ames) and S. D. Lord (IPAC/Caltech)
34.13 Far-Infrared Spectroscopy of Reflection Nebulae
M. R. Haas, A. G. G. M. Tielens, A. L. Rudolph and E. F. Erickson (NASA/Ames)
34.14 High Resolution IR Observations of W28A2
P. M. Harvey, C. Colome, D. F. Lester and B. J. Smith (UTexas)
34.15 Far-Infrared Observations of W3-IRS4
M. F. Campbell, M. B. Campbell (Colby Coll.), H. M. Butner (NASA Ames), P. M. Harvey, D. F. Lester and N. J. Evans (U.Texas)
34.16 High Resolution Far-Infrared Observations of the Ring Nebula
C. Y. Zhang, P. M. Harvey, B. J. Smith, C. Colome and J. DiFrancesco (U. of Texas)
34.17 Constraining Circumstellar Environments: High-resolution Far-Infrared Observations of Herbig Ae/Be Stars
J. Di Francesco, N. J. Evans II, P. M. Harvey (Univ. of Texas), L. G. Mundy (Univ. of Maryland) and H. M. Butner (NASA/Ames Research Center)
34.18 Far-Infrared Photometric Mapping of G0.18-0.04 in the Galactic Center Arc
M. Morris (UCLA), J. A. Davidson (NASA/Ames), M. W. Werner (JPL), P. M. Harvey, D. F. Lester and B. J. Smith (U.Texas)
34.19 The Goddard Cooled Grating Spectrometer
S. C. Casey (NAS/NRC Resident Research Associate, NASA GSFC), S. H. Moseley (Lab. for Astronomy and Solar Physics, NASA GSFC), K. W. Chan (Dept. of Astronomy, Univ. of Maryland) and R. F. Loewenstein (Yerkes Observatory, Univ. of Chicago)
34.20 Detection of a Novel Dust Component and Fine Structure Emission in the Cas A Supernova Remnant
H. Moseley, R. Arendt, E. Dwek (Lab. for Astronomy and Solar Physics, NASA GSFC), S. C. Casey (NAS/NRC Resident Research Associate, NASA GSFC), K. W. Chan (Dept. of Astronomy, U. of Md.), W. J. Glaccum (Applied Research Corporation), J. Graham (Dept. of Astron., U. of Cal., Berkeley), R. F. Loewenstein (Yerkes Observatory) and R. Smith (Dept. of Physics, U. of Wis.)
34.21 The Identification of H$_2$O on Io: A New Strong Band at 3587 cm$^-1$ (2.788 um)
J. Bregman, F. Salama, L.J. Allamandola, F.C. Sandford, F.C. Witteborn and D.P. Cruikshank (NASA/Ames)

Session 35. Hat Creek

Display, Tuesday, 9:30-6:30, Pauley

35.01 Mapping Magnetic Fields from Hat Creek
A. Goodman (Harvard University), C. Heiles (UC Berkeley), P. Myers (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) and R. G. usten (MPI, Bonn)
35.02 Variability of Astrophysical Maser W49
J. Schuster, D. Backer and C. Heiles (UCB)
35.03 Geodetic VLBI Observations with the Hat Creek Telescope
D. B. Shaffer (Radiometrics Inc) and N. G. V. Group ()
35.04 Mosaiced HCO$^{+}$ Observations of W 43 with the BIMA array
N. Thatte (U. C. Berkeley) and W. J. Welch (U. C. Berkeley)

Session 36. Particle Astrophysics

Display, Tuesday, 9:30-6:30, Pauley

36.01D Cosmic Background Radiation Anisotropy at 1.5$^{\circ}$
J. Schuster, T Gaier, J. Gunderson, P. Meinhold, T. Koch et al. (UCSB)
36.02 Detecting a Gravitational Wave Background using Angular Correlations in Millisecond Pulsar Timing Array Data
S. Sallmen, D. C. Backer (Univ. of California at Berkeley) and R. Foster (Naval Research Lab)
36.03 Constraints on the Inflation Effective Potential from the COBE DMR Results
H. Kurki-Suonio (Helsinki) and G. Mathews (LLNL)
36.04 AMANDA (Antarctic Muon and Neutrino Detector Array): A High Energy Neutrino Telescope at 1 km Depth
T. Miller, A. Goobar, D. M. Lowder, P. O'Leary, P. B. Price, A. Richards, D. Snowden-Ifft (UCB), S. W. Barwick, J. Lynch, R. Porrata, E. Schneider, G. Yodh (UCI), A. Bouchta, B. Erlandsson, P. O. Hulth, Q. Sun, C. Walck (Stockholm), S. Carius, L. A. Hallgren (Uppsala), A. Coulthard, K. Engel, L. Gray, F. Halzen, J. Jacobsen, V. Kandhadai, I. Liubarsky, R. Morse and S. Tilav (UW)

Session 37. Interferometry

Display, Tuesday, 9:30-6:30, Pauley

37.01 Water Masers Embedded in Ultracompact HII Regions in the W75N Cloud Core
T. R. Hunter, G. B. Taylor, T. G. Phillips (Caltech), M. Felli and G. Tofani (Arcetri)
37.02 The Structure of the S140 Core: High Resolution HCO$^+^ Images
D.J. Wilner and W.J. Welch (UC Berkeley)
37.03 Ultracompact HII Regions: Can Old Models Explain New Observations ?
R. A. Gaume (NRL), W. M. Goss and M. J. Claussen (NRAO-AOC)
37.04 Photoevaporation of Disks around Newly Formed Stars
D. Johnstone (UCB), D. Hollenbach (NASA Ames) and F. H. Shu (UCB)
37.05 The Velocity Structure of the ``Cometary'' HII Region G34.26+0.15
A. Fey and R. Gaume (NRL)
37.06 Hierarchical Structure Analysis of Interstellar Clouds Using Non-Orthogonal Wavelets
W.D. Langer (JPL-Caltech), R.W. Wilson (AT\char38 T Bell Labs) and C.H. Anderson (Washington U.)
37.07 Turbulent Motions of H$_2$O Masers
C. R. Gwinn (UCSB)
37.08 The Dense Core Around IRAS 3282, the Source of a Highly Collimated Outflow
M. Tafalla (UCB) and R. Bachiller (CAY)
37.09 VLBI Measurements of Interstellar Scattering Towards W49N
K. M. Desai (NRAO,UCSB), C. R. Gwinn (UCSB) and P. J. Diamond (NRAO)
37.10 Large Scale Structure and Kinematics of the Orion Ridge
J. J. Wiseman and P. T. P. Ho (CFA)

Session 38. EUVE -- Astronomy II

Oral, Tuesday, 2:00-6:30, Zellerbach Auditorium

38.01 Far and Extreme UV Spectroscopy of Hot White Dwarf Stars: A Laboratory for Element Diffusion
S. Vennes (CEA/UCB)
38.02 Observation of Helium on Mars by EUVE
S. Chakrabarti (Boston University), V. Krasnopolsky and G. R. Gladstone (SSL/UCB)
38.03 The Ionization State of the Local Interstellar Medium as Determined by Extreme UV Spectroscopy of Hot White Dwarf Stars
T. Rumph (CEA/UCB)
38.04 EUVE Observations of Epsilon CMa
J. P. Cassinelli (U. Wisc.)
38.05 Coronal Spectroscopy and Structure of the RS CVn Binary HR1099 Using EUVE
A. Brown, J. L. Linsky, B. Wood (JILA, U. of Colorado and NIST), P. W. V. J. J. Drake (CEA, U. of California Berkeley) and E. F. Guinan (Villanova University)
38.06 The Coronae of F-K Dwarfs: Factors Controlling Their Properties
C. Jordan (U. of Oxford)
38.07 Analysis of EUV Spectra of Cool Stars
A. K. Dupree (CfA)
38.08 Simultaneous Optical and EUVE Observations of a Flare on AD Leo
S. L. Hawley, S. E. Deustua (LLNL), S. L. Cully (CEA/UC Berkeley), G. H. Fisher (SSL/UC Berkeley), C. M. Johns (UC Berkeley), T. Simon (U Hawaii), V. V. Smith (UT Austin) and W. J. Spiesman (NASA/GSFC)
38.09 The EUV Spectrum of Au Mic
B. C. M. Fossi (Osservatoriao Astrofisico di Arcetri) and M. Landini (Dipartimento di Astronomia e Sciencza dello Spazio)

Session 39. Interferometry II

Oral, Tuesday, 2:00-6:30, Zellerbach Playhouse

39.01 High Resolution Observations of CCS($J_{N}=2_{1}-1_{0}$): New Insight into Clumpiness of Dark Cloud Cores
T. Velusamy, T. B. H. Kuiper, W. D. Langer, S. M. Levin and E. T. Olsen (JPL-Caltech)
39.02 VLA Zeeman Observations of W 3
R. M. Crutcher, D. A. Roberts (U Ill), T. H. Troland (U Ky) and W. M. Goss (NRAO)
39.03 The small--scale structure and kinematics of B335
C. J. Chandler (Caltech) and A. I. Sargent (Caltech)
39.04 Observations of Molecular and Atomic Line Emission from the Orion Bright Bar
J. A. Tauber (ESA), A. G. G. M. Tielens (NASA-Ames), M. Meixner (Berkeley) and D. T. Lis (CalTech)
39.05 Observations of Circumstellar Disks at Centimeter Wavelengths
A. W. Grossman, L. G. Mundy and J. P. McMullin (Univ. of Maryland)
39.06 The Radio Source Around $\eta$ Carinae
S. M. White (U. Maryland), R. A. Duncan (ATNF), J. Lim (Caltech), G. J. Nelson (ATNF/Paul Wild Obs.), S. A. Drake (USRA/HEASARC) and M. R. Kundu (U. Maryland)
39.07 Star Formation in the Outer Galaxy
A. L. Rudolph (NASA/Ames Research Center) and E. J. de Geus (University of Maryland)
39.08 Molecular Gas in Luminous Infrared Galaxies
P. M. Bryant and N. Z. Scoville (Caltech)
39.09 Atmospheric Seeing at Infrared Wavelengths
M. Bester (UCB), W. C. Danchi (UCB), C. H. Townes (UCB) and R. N. Treuhaft (JPL)
39.10 Linked Submillimeter Interferometry with the CSO and JCMT
J. E. Carlstrom (Caltech), O. P. Lay and R. E. Hills (MRAO)

Session 40. Particle Astrophysics

Oral, Tuesday, 2:00-6:30, Dwinelle 155

40.01 Particle Astrophysics
B. Sadoulet (UC Berkeley and CfPA)
40.02 Anisotropy of the Microwave Background
P. L. Richards (UC Berkeley and CfPA)
40.03 Solar neutrino experiments : past, present and future
D. Vignaud
40.04 The First Year of Data Taking in the MACHO Project
C. Alcock, R. Allsman, T. Axelrod, D. Bennett, K. Cook (LLNL) et al.
40.05 Direct and Indirect Detection of Dark Matter
D. O. Caldwell (UCSB)
40.06 Probing the Universe with High Energy Radiation
C. W. Akerilof (UMichigan and CfPA)

Session 41. EUVE -- Astronomy

Display, Tuesday, 6:00-8:00, CEA

41.01 The X-ray/EUV Spectrum of Optically Thin Plasmas
B. C. M. Fossi (Osservatoriao Astrofisico di Arcetri) and M. Landini (Dipartimento di Astronomia e Sciencza dello Spazio)
41.02 The EUVE Background Zoo: Observations of EUV Background Anomalies
M. Eckert, G. R. Gladstone, C. Smith and B. A. Stroozas (CEA/UCB)
41.03 The Long Wavelength EUVE Spectrum of the Hot DA White Dwarf G191-B2B
J. Dupuis, S. Vennes, S. Bowyer (CEA/UCB), A. K. Pradhan (Dept. Astronomy, Ohio State U.) and J. Drake (CEA/UCB)
41.04 EUVE Deep Survey Observations of a Flare on AD Leo
S. L. Cully, O. H. W. Siegmund (CEA/UCB), G. H. Fisher, C. M. Johns (UCB), S. L. Hawley, S. Duestra (LLNL) and T. Simon (Inst. for Astronomy, Univ. Hawaii)
41.05 Extreme Ultraviolet Emission from Flare Stars Observed with EUVE
P. W. Vedder, R. J. Patterer, J. Drake (CEA/UCB), S. Cully (SSL/UCB), A. Brown (CEA/UCB and JILA/Univ. of Colorado) and B. Pettersen (Norwegian Mapping Authority)
41.06 Diffuse Background Measurement with EUVE's Deep-Survey Telescope First-Light Images
M. Lampton, R. Lieu, S. Bowyer, P. Jelinsky and J. Edelstein (CEA/UCB)
41.07 EUV Emission from AGN and BL Lac Objects
T. E. Carone (SSL/UCB), H. L. Marshall, A. Fruscione and S. Bowyer (CEA/UCB)
41.08 EUVE Observations of AR Lac During Eclipse
R. Patterer, J. Drake, P. V. N. Craig and S. Bowyer (CEA/UCB)
41.09 Spatial Distribution of Diffuse Background in the 50--190 \AA Waveband as Observed by the Deep Survey Telescope Aboard EUVE
R. Lieu (CEA/UCB), T. J. Sumner (Blackett Lab.), S. Bowyer (CEA/UCB) and S. D. Sidher (Blackett Lab.)
41.10 EUVE All-Sky Survey Observations of the Magnetic Cataclysmic Variable UZ Fornacis
J. K. Warren (SSL/UCB), J. V. Vallerga (CEA/UCB), C. W. Mauche (LEA/LLNL), K. Mukai (NASA/GSFC) and O. H. W. Siegmund (SSL/UCB)
41.11 Preliminary Results from the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer Deep Survey
J. Vallerga, J. Drake and B. Antia (CEA/UCB)
41.12 Rotational Modulation of the EUV Coronal Emission from HR1099
J. J. Drake (CEA/UCB), A. Brown (JILA/U. Colo. and CEA/UCB), R. J. Patterer (CEA/UCB), P. W. Vedder, S. Bowyer (CEA/UCB), E. F. Guinan (Villanova U.) and J. McDonald (CEA/UCB)
41.13 An EUVE Spectrum of the Moon
G. R. Gladstone, J. S. McDonald, W. T. Boyd and S. Bowyer (CEA/UCB)
41.14 Extreme Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Observations of the Interstellar Medium in Emission with EUVE
P. Jelinsky, J. V. Vallerga, J. Edelstein and S. Bowyer (CEA/UCB)
41.15 The EUV Coronal Spectrum of $\chi^1$ Ori (HR 2047, G0 V)
B. Haisch (CEA/UCB and Lockheed), J. Drake (CEA/UCB) and J. H. M. M. Schmitt (MPE)
41.16 Calibration and Processing of EUVE Spectrometer Observations
M. Abbott, C. A. Christian, J. Dupuis, D. Finley, P. Jelinsky, W. Boyd (CEA/UCB), A. Brown (CEA/UCB and JILA/Univ. of Colorado) and S. Cully (CEA/UCB)
41.17 Calibration of UV and FUV Transmission of the EUVE Lexan/Boron Filters
B. Antia, J. Vallerga and P. Vedder (CEA/UCB)
41.18 The Optical Identification Program for the EUVE Sky Survey
C. A. Christian, M. Abbott, T. Carone, J. Drake, J. Dupuis, D. Finley, A. Fruscione, I. Hawkins, R. F. Malina, H. L. Marshall, J. Vallerga (CEA/UCB), M. Dopita (Mt. Stromlo Obs.), T. Boroson (KPNO), M. Shara and L. Bergeron (STScI)
41.19 EUVE Scanner Observations of Supernova Remnants
J. Edelstein, P. W. Vedder and M. Sirk (CEA/UCB)
41.20 Ionization in the Wind of E CMa: Constraints Imposed by EUVE Observations
J.J. MacFarlane, D.H. Cohen, J.P. Cassinelli (U. Wisc.), J.V. Vallerga, P.W. Vedder (CEA/UCB) et al.
41.21 EUVE All-Sky Survey Observations of the Dwarf Nova VW Hydri
C. W. Mauche (LEA/LLNL), J. K. Warren (SSL/UCB), J. V. Vallerga (CEA/UCB), K. Mukai (USRA, NASA/GSFC) and J. A. Mattei (AAVSO)
41.22 Bolometric Evolution of Nova Cygni 1992 and Prediction of the EUV Flux from the Hot Remnant
S. N. Shore, G. Sonneborn, S. G. Starrfield and R. S. Polidan ()
41.23 A ROSAT Wide Field Camera Survey of All Nondegenerate Stars Within 10 pc
B. E. Wood, A. Brown, J. L. Linsky (JILA/NISTandCU), G. E. Bromage and B. J. Kellett (RAL)
41.24 Line Identification in the EUVE Spectrum of $\epsilon$ CMa
D. H. Cohen, J. J. MacFarlane, J. P. Cassinelli (U. Wisconsin), J. V. Vallerga, P. W. Vedder, B. Y. Welsh (CEA/UCB), J. E. Drew and M. G. Hoare (U. Oxford, UK)
41.25 EUVE Spectra of Capella (Alpha Aurigae)
A. K. Dupree (CfA), G. A. Doschek (NRL), J. C. Green (U. Colorado) and J. C. Raymond (CfA)
41.26 Stellar XUV Spectra from Coronal Loop Models
A. Maggio, S. Serio (Osservatorio Astronomico Palermo, Italy) and G. Peres (Osservatorio Astrofisico Catania, Italy)
41.27 Model Extreme Ultraviolet Spectra of Highly Ionized Iron
N. S. Brickhouse, J. C. Raymond (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA) and B. W. Smith (LANL)
41.28 Hot Gas in the ISM: A Reanalysis of Interstellar O$^{+5}$
R. L. Shelton (U. W. Madison) and D. P. Cox (U. W. Madison)
41.29 Solar EUV Variability Measurements From Lunar Observations With EUVE
P. Judge (HAO/NCAR) et al.
41.30 Observations of the Transient GRO JO422+32
A. Wiercigroch and H. Marshall (CEA/UCB)
41.31 The EUVE All-Sky Survey Maps
J. W. Lewis, A. Wiercigroch, J. S. McDonald, B. Antia, K. E. McDonald and B. Stroozas (CEA/UCB)
41.32 EUVE Imaging Characteristics of Point Sources
M. Sirk (CEA/UCB)
41.33 The EUVE Bright Source List
B. A. Stroozas, J. S. McDonald, A. B. Wiercigroch, K. E. McDonald and B. Antia (CEA/UCB)