Wednesday Titles

Program overview


Session 42. Invited Talk

Oral, Wednesday, 8:30-9:20, Zellerbach Auditorium

42.01 Jupiter's Magnetosphere: A Volcano-Powered Nebula
N. M. Schneider (U. Colorado/LASP)

Session 43. Galactic Structure

Display, Wednesday, 9:20-6:30, Pauley

43.01 Near-IR Spectra of Early-type, Mass-loss Objects
S. Libonate, J. L. Pipher and W. J. Forrest (University of Rochester)
43.02 Galactic High Mass X-Ray Binary Population Synthesis
W. Dalton and C. Sarazin (University of Virginia)
43.03 High Resolution CO Observations of the -190 km s$^{-1}$ Molecular Gas in the Central 80'' of the Galactic Center
J. M. Marr (Haverford College), C. Lemme, T. L. Wilson (Max-Planck-Inst. f\"ur Radioastronomie), T. A. Pauls (NRL), M. C. H. Wright (Univ. of Cal., Berkeley) and A. L. Rudolph (NASA Ames Research Center)
43.04 The Bulge/Halo Interface
P. Harding (Steward Observatory) and H. Morrison (NOAO)
43.05 The Local Density of Halo Giants
H. Morrison (NOAO)
43.06 Metal-Rich Stars In The Galactic Halo ?
G. Bazan (McDonald Observatory), C. Sneden (U. of Texas) and K. M. Yoss (U. of Illinois)
43.07 EUVE and HST Observations of PKS2155-304 and Constraints on the Ionization through the Galactic Halo
Y. Kondo (NASA/GSFC), F. Bruhweiler (CUA) and K. -P. Cheng (NAS/NRC)
43.08 The VLA's FIRST Project
R. L. White (STScI), R. H. Becker (UCD/LLNL) and D. J. Helfand (Cambridge/Columbia)
43.09 Automata Network Models of Galaxy Evolution
D. W. Chappell and J. M. Scalo (University of Texas at Austin)

Session 44. Radio Galaxies, Jets and Disks

Display, Wednesday, 9:20-6:30, Pauley

44.01 Near-Infrared Imaging of Ultraluminous IRAS Galaxies
J. A. Surace, L. Armus (Caltech), J. R. Graham (University of California at Berkeley), K. Matthews (Caltech), J. M. Mazzarella (IPAC-Caltech), G. Neugebauer and B. T. Soifer (Caltech)
44.02 The depth of the 2.3 $\mu$m CO absorption bands in high-luminosity infrared galaxies
C. G. Wynn-Williams, S. E. Ridgway (Univ. Hawaii) and E. E. Becklin (UCLA)
44.03 IRAS Properties of Slew Survey AGNs, Galaxies, and Stars
J.F. Schachter, P.J. Green, M. Elvis (CfA) and F. Favata (ESA)
44.04 A Radio Study of the Ultra-luminous FIR Galaxy NGC 6240
E. Colbert (Univ. of Md.), A. S. Wilson (STScI and Univ. of Md.) and J. Bland-Hawthorn (Rice U.)
44.05 The Optical-Radio Structure of Pictor A
S. M. Simkin (MSU), E. M. Sadler (AAO), R. Sault (ATNF) and P. Robinson (MSU)
44.06 The Caltech--Jodrell Bank VLBI Survey: a Progress Report
D. D. Thakkar, W. Xu, A. C. S. Readhead, T. J. Pearson (Caltech), A. Polatidis and P. N. Wilkinson (NRAL, Jodrell Bank)
44.07 Preliminary Results from the Second Caltech-Jodrell Bank VLBI Survey
G. B. Taylor, A. C. S. Readhead, R. C. Vermeulen, T. J. Pearson, M. H. Cohen (Caltech), D. R. Henstock, P. N. Wilkinson, I. W. A. Browne and A. Patnaik (NRAL, Jodrell Bank)
44.08 Milli-Arcsecond Morphology and Structural Changes in a Complete Sample of Radio Sources
T. J. Pearson, A. C. S. Readhead (Caltech), P. D. Barthel (University of Groningen), J. E. Conway (NRAO) and S. T. Myers (Caltech)
44.09 Variability of Hard Gamma Ray Emission from Active Galaxies Observed by EGRET
P. Michelson, J. Chiang, Y. C. Lin, P. L. Nolan (Stanford), D. L. Bertsch, B. L. Dingus, C. E. Fichtel, R. C. Hartman, S. D. Hunter, J. R. Mattox, P. Sreekumar, D. J. Thompson (NASA/GSFC), K. Brazier, G. Kanbach, H. A. Mayer-Hasselwander, C. von Montigny (MPE), D. A. Kniffen (Hampden-Sydney College) and E. J. Schneid (Grumman)
44.10 Active Galactic Nuclei Observed by the Energetic Gamma Ray Experiment Telescope (EGRET) on the Compton Observatory
C.E. Fichtel, D.L. Bertsch, R.C. Hartman, S.D. Hunter, D.J. Thompson (NASA/GSFC) et al.
44.11 EGRET Observations of the Region 10$^{circ}$ < b 45$^{circ}$ , 90$^{circ}$ < 1 270$^{circ}$
D.J. Thompson and D.L. Bertsch, C.E. Fichtel, R.C. Hartman, S.D. Hunter (NASA/GSFC), et. al.
44.12 Synchrotron-Self Compton X-Ray and $\gamma$-Ray Variability in Relativistic Jets
J. P. Travis (Boston University) and A. P. Marscher (Boston University)
44.13 Low Luminosity Active Galaxies and the Soft X-ray Background
A. P. Koratkar (STScI), S. E. Deustua (IGPP/LLNL), T. Heckman (STScI) and A. V. Filippenko (UC-Berkeley)
44.14 Magnetic Viscosity in Accretion Disks
T. Tajima, R. Matsumoto (UT Austin) and M. Kaisig (Univ.Wuerzburg)
44.15 X-ray Heated Winds from Accretion Disks
D. T. Woods, J. I. Castor (LLNL), R. I. Klein (LLNL/UCB), C. F. McKee (UCB) and J. B. Bell (LLNL)
44.16 Long Timescale Numerical Simulations of Hydrodynamical Jets
J. S. Hooda, A. V. Mangalam and P. J. Wiita (GSU)

Session 45. Early Type Stars

Display, Wednesday, 9:20-6:30, Heller Lounge

45.01 A new model of the synchrotron radio emission from winds of massive stars
W. Chen (USRA/GSFC) and R. L. White (STScI)
45.02 Some Aspects of Rotation and Magnetic Fields during Massive Star Evolution
M. Maheswaran (U. Wisconsin)
45.03 Can Extreme Differential Rotation Increase the Core Masses of Upper Main Sequence Stars?
M. J. Clement (University of Toronto)
45.04 Photometric Observations of AR Cas and AO Cas
S.S. D'Amato and M.P. Ouzts (Furman Univ.)
45.05 Accretion on Non-Degenerate Binary Components
M. J. Plavec (UCLA) and I. Hubeny (USRA)
45.06 Variable H$\alpha$ Emission and Absorption in Helium-Peculiar Stars
D. A. Bohlender (CFHT), C. T. Bolton (DDO) and G. M. Hill (UWO)
45.07 EUVE Observations of Nearby Be Stars
G. J. Peters (USC)
45.08 Doppler Imaging of the Ap star 84 UMa
W. H. Wehlau (U. Western Ontario) and J. B. Rice (Brandon U.)
45.09 A New Method for Doppler Imaging of Starspots: Sequential Linear Least Squares Estimation
S. L. Allen and S. S. Vogt (UCO/Lick, UCSC)
45.10 The Iron Abundance of Iota Herculis From UV Fe II Lines.
C. Mulliss and J. Grigsby (Wittenberg University)
45.11 A Speckle Survey for Duplicity Among the O Stars
W. I. Hartkopf, D. R. Gies, B. D. Mason, W. G. Bagnuolo and H. A. McAlister (CHARA/GSU)
45.12 Determination of Stellar Parameters and Lyman Continuum Fluxes for WC stars in the Galaxy and the LMC
K. R. Brownsberger (JILA) and W. D. Vacca (UC Berkeley)
45.13 Spectropolarimetry of the WN8 star WR 40 (=HD 96548)
R.E. Schulte-Ladbeck (U. Pittsburgh), D.J. Hillier (Obs. Munich), G.C. Clayton (CASA/U. Colorado) and M.R. Meade (SAL/U. Wisconsin)
45.14 A Comparison of SPECTRUM Models with Spectra of FHB Stars
A.G. Davis Philip (Van Vleck Obs. \char38\ Union College)
45.15 A Technique for Distinguishing FHB Stars From A-Type Stars
R.J. Wilhelm, T.C. Beers (Michigan State) and R.O. Gray (Appalachian State)

Session 46. Late Type Stars

Display, Wednesday, 9:20-6:30, Heller Lounge

46.01 A Survey for Companions and Ages in a Large Sample of G Dwarfs
G. Torres (CfA), T. J. Henry (STScI), D. W. Latham (CfA), D. R. Soderblom (STScI), R. P. Stefanik and R. J. Davis (CfA)
46.02 The Search for Planets around Proxima Centauri using Hubble Space Telescope Fine Guidance Sensor \#3: A Progress Report
G.F. Benedict, B. McArthur, E. Nelan, D. Story, A.L. Whipple (McDonald Obs., U. Texas) et al.
46.03 Multiplicity Among M Dwarfs
D. A. Fischer (SFSU/UCSC) and G. W. Marcy (SFSU/UC Berkeley)
46.04 Continuous IUE Monitoring of HR 1099 Throughout Two Complete Orbital Cycles (6 days) in December 1992
J. E. Neff (Penn State), T. Simon (Hawaii), I. Pagano, M. Rodon\`o (Catania) and B. Foing (LPSP/IAS)
46.05 The Spot Distribution on II Peg in 1992
A. P. Hatzes (U.T. Austin and McDonald Observatory)
46.06 Similar X-Ray/Microwave Ratios in Solar Flares and Coronae of Active Stars
A. O. Benz (ETH Z\"urich) and M. G\"udel (JILA/NISTandCU)
46.07 Strong Microwave Radiation from ``Solar-Twin'' GV Stars
M. G\"udel (JILA/NISTandCU), J. H. M. M. Schmitt (MPE Garching) and A. O. Benz (ETH Z\"urich)
46.08 Theoretical Models of a Flare on AU Mic seen by EUVE Deep Survey Detectors
G. H. Fisher (Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California at Berkeley), S. L. Cully and O. H. W. Siegmund (Space Sciences Laboratory and Center for EUV Astrophysics, University of California at Berkeley)
46.09 Magnetic Fields on $\epsilon$ Eridani from High Quality FTS Spectra near 1.6 $\mu$m
J. A. Valenti (UCB), G. W. Marcy (SFSU, UCB) and G. Basri (UCB)
46.10 Long-term Stellar Variations Determined by UV Emission Lines
J. Mena-Werth, A. Peck, K. Stahl and R. Price (U. Nebraska at Kearney)
46.11 A Remarkable FUV Flare on the Pleiades G Dwarf HZ 314
T. Ayers (CU/CASA), G. Basri (UCB), T. Simon (UH/IfA), J. Stauffer (CfA), R. Stern (LPRL) et al.
46.12 A Search for CO Absorption Bands in IUE Spectra of Cool Stars
S. Gessner (USRA), K. Carpenter (NASA-GSFC) and R. Robinson (CSC)
46.13 GHRS Observations of the M-giant $\gamma $ Cru
K. Carpenter (NASA-GSFC), R. Robinson (CSC) and S. Gessner (USRA)
46.14 On the Binarity of Dwarf Carbon Stars
P.J. Green (CfA) and B. Margon (U. Wash)
46.15 The Color Evolution of Carbon Stars
S. J. Chan (Institute of Astronomy, National Central University and Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Calgary)
46.16 IUE Observations of the Interacting S-Star Binary HR 1105
T. B. Ake (CSC/GHRS), H. R. Johnson (Indiana U.) and B. W. Bopp (U. Toledo)
46.17 s-Process Enhancement and the Presence of Tc in 84 Carbon Stars
C. Barnbaum (UCB) and M. Morris (UCLA)
46.18 Spatial Structure in the Infrared Spectra of Three Evolved Stars
G. C. Sloan, P. C. Tandy (Phillips Lab.), B. E. Pirger (Cornell) and T. M. Hodge (Wyoming)
46.19 Mg II h and k Profiles in Luminous, Cool Stars
R. D. Robinson (CSC/GHRS) and K. G. Carpenter (NASA/GSFC)
46.20 Modeling the Time Variability of Circumstellar Silicate Emission
I. R. Little$-$Marenin (CASA and Wellesley C.), W. H. Bauer and J. Kiesow (Wellesley C.)
46.21 Sources of the 13 $\mu$m Emission Feature Associated with Silicate Dust
P. D. LeVan, G. C. Sloan (Phillips Lab.) and I. R. Little-Marenin (Wellesley and Colorado)
46.22 Mass Loss Rates and Circumstellar Envelope Chemistry of S Stars
J. H. Bieging (Steward Obs.) and W. B. Latter (NRAO)
46.23 The ``Baldwin Effect'' in Wolf-Rayet Stars
P. Morris (JILA), P. S. Conti (JILA), H. J. G. L. M. Lamers (SRON, Utrecht) and G. Koenigsberger (UNAM, M\`exico)

Session 47. Degenerates

Display, Wednesday, 9:20-6:30, Pauley

47.01 NLTE Line Blanketed Model Atmospheres for Hot, Metal-rich White Dwarfs
I. Hubeny (GSFC/USRA) and T. Lanz (NASA/GSFC)
47.02 EUV Spectroscopy of Hot DA White Dwarfs
D. S. Finley (Eureka Scientific, Inc.), D. Koester (Louisiana State University) and G. Vauclair (University Paul Sabatier, Observatoire Midi-Pyrenees, Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Toulouse)
47.03 Discovery of a Hot Pulsating Star
T. K. Watson (McDonald Observatory and Department of Astronomy, University of Texas)
47.04 Detection of the First Coronal X-ray Source about a White Dwarf
T. A. Fleming (U. Arizona and MPE), K. Werner (U. Bamberg) and M. A. Barstow (U. Leicester)
47.05 Radial Velocities and Gravitational Redshifts for White Dwarf Stars in Common Proper Motion Binary Systems
J.A. Barker, T. Beck, A. Simon and T.D. Oswalt (Fla. Tech)
47.06 A Preliminary Luminosity Function for White Dwarfs in Common Proper Motion Binaries
J.A. Smith, T.D. Oswalt (Fla. Tech) and S.K. Leggett (JAC)
47.07 A Deep CCD Survey for Cool Degenerate Stars: A New Photometric Technique
C. F. Claver (U. Texas Austin) and J. Liebert (U. Arizona)
47.08 A 3 Dimensional Numerical Simulation of the Common-Envelope Evolution of a Red Giant and a White Dwarf.
J. L. Terman, R. E. Taam (Northwestern U.) and L. Hernquist (UCSC/UCO)

Session 48. Solar and Solar-System Physics

Display, Wednesday, 9:20-6:30, Pauley

48.01 Using Solar Oscillations to Probe the Effects// of Element Diffusion in the Solar Interior
J. A. Guzik and A. N. Cox (Los Alamos Astrophysics)
48.02 Solar Supergranulation: Driven by Solar Oscillations
C.L. Wolff (NASA/GSFC)
48.03 Inclination of the Magnetic Lines-of-Force of Quiet Sun Network
K. P. Topka, T. D. Tarball, A. M. Title (Lockheed Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory) and J. Lawerence (CSUN-SFO)
48.04 Diffusion of ``Corks'' Over the Solar Surface
A. M. Title (LPARL), G. W. Simon (Philips Labs) and N. O. Weiss (Cambridge Univ.)
48.05 Solar Coronal Magnetic Field Topology Inferred from High Resolution Optical and X-ray Movies
T. Tarbell, Z. Frank, N. Hurlburt, M. Morrison, R. Shine, A. Title (Lockheed PARL) and L. Acton (Montana State Univ.)
48.06 Emergence of Twisted Flux Tubes in the Solar Atmosphere
R. Matsumoto, T. Tajima (UT Austin) and K. Shibata (NAOJ)
48.07 A Comparison of the Disappearing Ionospheres with Solar Minimum Ionospheres on Venus from Pioneer Venus Orbiter Measurements
J. Kar, J.M. Grebowsky and R.E. Hartle (NASA/GSFC), P.L. Cloutier (Rice Univ.)
48.08 The Statistics of the CD-ROM Digital Archive of the International Halley Watch
D. A. Klinglesmith III (NASA/GSFC), E. Grayzeck (UofMD/PDS-SBN) and M. B. Niedner (NASA/GSFC)
48.09 A Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Simulation of Disk-Planet Interaction
N. A. Hillis and S. P. Ruden (Univ. of California, Irvine)
48.10 The Detection of Asteroids in the Final Days Before Earth Impact
P. J. T. Leonard and J. G. Hills (LANL)

Session 49. Associations and Clusters

Display, Wednesday, 9:20-6:30, Pauley

49.01 UBV Photometry of Two OB Associations in Cygnus
J.R. Naylor, D.E. Pickett and D.B. Friend (U. Montana)
49.02 HST Planetary Camera Photometry of the Trapezium Cluster
J. Stauffer, C. Prosser, L. Hartmann (SAO), D. Soderblom (STScI), B. F. Jones (UCSC), M. Werner (JPL) and M. J. McCaughrean (MPIA Heidelberg)
49.03 X-Ray Emission from O6-B5 and B6-A5 Stars in Orion
M. Gagn\'e, J. -P. Caillault (Univ. Georgia) and J. R. Stauffer (CfA)
49.04 CCD Photometry of the Open Cluster NGC 2355
T. Colegrove, P. Rogers, D. Bennum (University of Nevada, Reno), A. Schultz (CSC/STScI) and U. Fink (LPL, University of Arizona)
49.05 UV and optical photometry of 508 stars in 37 M31 OB associations.
J. K. Hill, J. E. Isensee (Hughes STX), R. C. Bohlin (STScI), K. P. Cheng, M. N. Fanelli, P. M. N. Hintzen, A. M. Smith, E. P. Smith (NASA/GSFC), R. W. O'Connell (University of Virginia), M. S. Roberts (NRAO) and T. P. Stecher (NASA/GSFC)
49.06 UV and optical stellar photometry of LMC associations LH89, LH90, LH97, LH99, LH104, LH111, and LH113
J. E. Isensee, J. K. Hill (Hughes STX), R. C. Bohlin (STScI), K. P. Cheng, M. N. Fanelli, P. M. N. Hintzen, A. M. Smith, E. P. Smith (NASA/GSFC), R. W. O'Connell (University of Virginia), M. S. Roberts (NRAO) and T. P. Stecher (NASA/GSFC)
49.07 UV Observations of Massive Stars in NGC 2014 and NGC 2074 in the LMC
E. Wilcots (NRAO), P. Hodge (U. Washington) and N. King (U. Washington)
49.08 Evolution and Lithium Abundance of Young Clusters
F.J. Swenson (U. Victoria)
49.09 Temporal and Spectral Characteristics of X-Ray Bright Pleiads
J. -P. Caillault, M. Gagn\'e, J. Yglesias (Univ. Georgia), L. Hartmann, C. Prosser and J. Stauffer (CfA)
49.10 A ROSAT PSPC Observation of the Young Cluster IC 2391
B. M. Patten and T. Simon (Univ. of Hawaii/IfA)
49.11 Stellar Counts in NGC 281
H.H. Guetter (USNO)
49.12 Evidence of Terrestrial-Temperature Grains Around 'A' Stars in Young Open Clusters
A. Yuan and D. E. Backman (Franklin and Marshall College)
49.13 Stellar Populations of the L1641 South Cluster
L. E. Allen, K. M. Strom and S. E. Strom (FCAD, Univ. of Massachusetts)

Session 50. Globular Clusters

Display, Wednesday, 9:20-6:30, Pauley

50.01 A Search for Spectroscopic Binaries in NGC 3201
P. C\^ot\'e, D. L. Welch, P. Fischer, G. S. D. Costa, P. Tamblyn, P. Seitzer and M. J. Irwin ()
50.02 Short Period Variable Stars in Globular Cluster M71
L. Yan (Caltech) and M. Mateo (Carnegie Observatories)
50.03 Rotational Velocities for Blue Horizontal Branch Stars in Globular Clusters
R. C. Peterson (UCO/Lick), D. A. Crocker (UAlabama) and R. T. Rood (UVa)
50.04 Observations of the Globular Cluster M79 (NGC 1904) with the Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope
W. V. Dixon, A. F. Davidsen (JHU), B. Dorman (UVA) and H. C. Ferguson (IoA)
50.05 A Hot Subdwarf in NGC 1851
W. B. Landsman (HSTX), R. Saffer (STScI), P. Hintzen (NASA/GSFC), M. Hamuy and M. M. Phillips (CTIO)
50.06 Diffuse X-ray Emission from 47 Tuc
M. Krockenberger and J. E. Grindlay (CfA)
50.07 The Globular Cluster Pal 11
S. Cersosimo, T. J. Lydon (Yale), A. Sarajedini (NOAO) and R. Zinn (Yale)
50.08 Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope: Globular Clusters in M31
R. C. Bohlin, E. W. Deutsch, K. A. McQuade (STSciI), J. K. Hill, W. B. Landsman (Hughes STX), R. W. O'Connell (UVa), M. S. Roberts (NRAO), A. M. Smith and T. P. Stecher (NASA/GSFC)
50.09 Abundances in Three Heavy-Element Stars in $\omega$ Centauri
A. D. Vanture, G. Wallerstein and J. A. Brown (University of Washington)
50.10 The stellar population in the core of M15
G. De Marchi and F. Paresce (STScI)
50.11 Globular Cluster Abundances from Ca II Triplet Spectroscopy of Member Giants
G. S. D. Costa (AAO) and T. E. Armandroff (KPNO/NOAO)
50.12 HST/FOC Photometry of the Globular Cluster NGC 6624
C. Sosin and I. R. King (U.C. Berkeley)
50.13 The Internal Structure of the M31 Globular Cluster G302
S. Holland, G. G. Fahlman and H. B. Richer (UBC)
50.14 The Faint Globular Cluster Pal 13
K. Cudworth, M. Takamiya (Yerkes Obs.), S. Majewski (OCIW) and R. Peterson (UCO/Lick)
50.15 A New Database of Globular Clusters Parameters: Distributions of Cluster Properties and Correlations Between Them
S. Djorgovski (Caltech) and G. Meylan (ESO)

Session 51. Instrumentation

Display, Wednesday, 9:20-6:30, Pauley

51.01 The Berkeley SETI Program: SERENDIP III
C. Donnelly, S. Bowyer, D. Werthimer, D. Ng and J. Cobb (SSL/UCB)
51.02 The Optical and Mechanical Design of the new BIMA Receivers
J. B. Lugten, J. Hudson (U.C.Berkeley) and X. Zhang (CfA)
51.03 A 4 K Gifford-McMahon Refrigerator for Astronomy
R. L. Plambeck, N. A. Thatte and P. B. Sykes (UC Berkeley)
51.04 High Resolution Spectroscopy in the Non-thermal Infrared: Use of an Existing Coud\`e System
G. Basri (UC Berkeley) and G. W. Marcy (San Francisco State Univ., UC Berkeley)
51.05 A Single Element Imaging Spectrograph
D. M. Cotton, T. Cook and S. Chakrabarti (Boston University)
51.06 KSPEC: A Cross-Dispersed Near-Infrared Spectrograph
J. L. Hora, K. -W. Hodapp, E. Irwin and T. Young (IfA, U. Hawaii)
51.07 The KPNO Mini-Mosaic CCD Imager
T. A. Boroson, R. Reed (NOAO) and M. Lesser (Steward Obs.)
51.08 Precise Doppler Measurements: Instrumental Profile Effects
E. Williams, L. K. Mao, C. McCarthy, P. Dosanjh (San Francisco State Univ.), R. P. Butler and G. W. Marcy (SFSU/UC Berkeley)
51.09 Preliminary Assessment of Stellar RV Variation Measurements with the Palomar East Arm Echelle Spectrograph
M. Peri and K. Libbrecht (California Institute of Technology)
51.10 Characterization and Wavefront Measurements of a Sodium Laser Guide Star: Initial Results
K. Avicola, J. M. Brase, J. R. Morris, H. Bissinger, J. M. Duff, H. W. Friedman, D. T. Gavel, C. E. Max, S. S. Olivier, R. Presta, D. A. Rapp, J. T. Salmon and K. Waltjen (LLNL)
51.11 Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics Systems for the Lick Observatory Telescopes
D. T. Gavel, S. S. Olivier, C. E. Max, H. W. Friedman, J. M. Brase, J. R. Morris, K. Avicola, J. T. Salmon, D. A. Rapp, H. D. Bissinger and K. E. Waltjen (LLNL)
51.12 Laser Guide Star Experiment at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
C. E. Max, H. W. Friedman, J. B. Brase, K. Avicola, H. Bissinger, D. T. Gavel, J. A. Horton, J. R. Morris, S. S. Olivier, R. W. Presta, D. A. Rapp, T. J. Salmon and K. Waltjen (LLNL)
51.13 Laser System for the Generation of a Sodium-Layer Guide Star
H. W. Friedman (LLNL)
51.14 Modeling Atmospheric Turbulence Effects on Ground Based Instruments
L. W. Bradford, S. M. Flatt\'e (UCSC) and C. E. Max (IGPP-LLNL)
51.15 Optimized Perfomance Limitations for Natural Guide Star Adaptive Optics Systems
S. S. Olivier (LLNL)
51.16 High-Accuracy Narrow-Angle Astrometry with Long-Baseline Infrared Interferometry
M. M. Colavita and M. Shao (JPL)
51.17 Space, The Final VLBI Frontier
D. L. Meier, D. W. Murphy and R. A. Preston (JPL)
51.18 Radiative Cooling of Future IR/Sub-mm Space Observatories: Recent Results
H.A. Thronson (WIRO), T.G. Hawarden (JAC) and R. Crane (Univ. Wyoming)
51.19 Initial Performance Results of the Proportional Counter Array for the X-ray Timing Explorer
K. Jahoda, J. H. Swank (GSFC), A. B. Giles, W. Zhang (GSFC/USRA) and E. H. Morgan (MIT)
51.20 Performance of the High Energy X-Ray Timing Experiment on XTE
M. Pelling, D. Gruber, P. Hink and R. Rothschild (UCSD)
51.21 Effects of Levitated Dust on Astronomical Observations from the Lunar Surface
D. L. Murphy and R. R. Vondrak (Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory)
51.22 The Wide-Field Infrared Explorer
P. Hacking (JPL) and H. Schember (JPL)
51.23 Digitized POSS-II: Galaxy Number Counts in Two Colors Over a Multi-Plate Region
N. Weir, S. Djorgovski (Caltech) and U. Fayyad (JPL)

Session 52. NSF Astronomy

Oral, Wednesday, 10:30-12:00, Zellerbach Auditorium

Session 53. AGN and Radio Galaxies I

Oral, Wednesday, 10:30-12:00, Zellerbach Playhouse

53.01 Unified Seyfert Schemes and the Cosmic X-Ray Background
P. Madau (STScI)
53.02 AGN Unification Models: Superluminal Motion in 3C\kern0.1em 47
R. C. Vermeulen, R. A. Bernstein (Caltech), D. H. Hough (Trinity University, San Antonio TX) and A. C. S. Readhead (Caltech)
53.03 Thermal Comptonization Model for the High Energy Emission of Seyfert Active Galactic Nuclei
C. D. Dermer (NRL)
53.04 How Fast do Quasar Emission Lines Vary? Results from a Program to Monitor the Balmer Lines of the PG Quasars
D. Maoz (Inst for Advanced Study), P. S. Smith (U of Arizona), B. T. Jannuzi (Inst for Advanced Study), S. Kaspi and H. Netzer (Tel-Aviv Univ)
53.05 Compact Luminous Infrared Galaxies and Radio Quiet QSOs
H. E. Smith (CASS/UCSD), C. J. Lonsdale (IPAC/JPL-Caltech) and C. J. Lonsdale (Haystack Obs./MIT)
53.06 Consequences of Relativistic Neutron Outflow beyond the Accretion Disks of Active Galaxies
I. E. Ekejiuba and P. N. Okeke (U.Nigeria, Nsukka)
53.07 Evidence for a Population of Short-Lived Powerful Radio Galaxies
A. C. S. Readhead, W. Xu, T. J. Pearson (Caltech), P. N. Wilkinson and A. Polatidis (NRAL, Jodrell Bank)

Session 54. MW, Galactic Structure

Oral, Wednesday, 10:30-12:00, Dwinelle 155

54.01 Probing Gravitational Potential at the Galactic Center
L. Ozernoy, L. Blitz, A. Fridman, O. Khoruzhii and V. Lyakhovich (Inst. of Astronomy, Moscow, Russia)
54.02 The Mass of the Milky Way and the Distance to the Small Galaxy at 1 = 197, b = +2
S.C. Simonson (LLNL)
54.03 The shape and rotation of stellar tracers in the Milky Way bulge
H. Zhao and R. M. Rich (Columbia)
54.04 Sgr A West: Its Kinematics and Its Role as a Possible Source of Scattering Sgr A$^*$ at the Galactic Center
F. Yusef-Zadeh, M. Wardle (Northwestern U.), W. Cotton, M. Goss, C. Walker, J. -H. Zhao (NRAO) and F. Melia (U. Arizona)
54.05D The Chemical and Dynamical Evolution of the Galaxy
T.A. Smecker-Hane (DAO)
54.06 GHRS Observations of Highly Ionized Gas in the Milky Way Halo
L. Danly and K. D. Kuntz (ST ScI)
54.07 Interstellar Ti II Observations Toward Southern Galactic Halo Stars
C. E. Albert (USNA), B. Y. Welsh (NASA Headquarters) and L. Danly (ST ScI)
54.08 An estimate of the Galactic diffuse hard x-ray continuum
D. M. Smith, R. P. Lin, P. Feffer, S. Slassi, K. Hurley (UCB/SSL), P. vonBallmoos, I. Malet, M. Niel, G. Vedrenne (CESR), J. Matteson, H. B. Bowman, R. M. Pelling, M. Briggs, L. E. Peterson, R. E. Lingenfelter (UCSD/CASS), P. Durouchoux, P. Wallyn, C. Chapuis (CEN), C. Cork, D. Landis, P. Luke, N. Madden, D. Malone and R. Pehl (LBL)

Session 55. SN 1993J; High Energy Astrophysics

Oral, Wednesday, 10:30-12:00, Dwinelle 145

55.01 B.A.I.T. Photometry of SN 1993J in M81 (NGC3031)
Y. B. Paik, A. V. Filippenko, R. Treffers, B. Leibundgut (UC Berkeley) and M. Richmond (Princeton)
55.02 Early-Time Spectroscopy of SN1993J
T. Matheson and A. V. Filippenko (UCB)
55.03 UV Spectroscopy of SN 1993J and Detection of Stellar Wind Material from the Progenitor
G. Sonneborn, C. Fransson, R. P. Kirshner, P. M. Rodriguez and W. Wamsteker ()
55.04 On the Spectra of X-ray Bursters
L. Titarchuk (NASA/GSFC)
55.05 Gamma-Ray Bursts from Stellar Collapse to a Black Hole?
S. E. Woosley (UCO/Lick Obs., Astronomy Board, UCSC)
55.06 Recent COMPTEL Observations of Cygnus X-1
M. McConnell, A. Connors, D. Forrest, J. Ryan (UNH), W. Collmar, V. Sch\"onfelder, H. Steinle, A. Strong (MPE), R. van Dijk, W. Hermsen (SRON-Leiden) and K. Bennett (SSD/ESA)
55.07 Gray Holes
K. Brecher (Boston Univ.)
55.08 A New Limit on the Rate-Density of Evaporating Black Holes
D. Coyne (UCSC), S. Biller, P. Chumney, M. Harmon, A. Shoup, G. B. Yodh (U.C.Irvine), D. E. Alexandreas (U.C.Irvine, INFN-Padova), G. E. Allen, C. Y. Chang, M. L. Chen, C. Dion, J. A. Goodman, T. J. Haines, M. J. Stark (U.Maryland), G. M. Dion (U.Maryland, ICRR-Tokyo), D. Berley (U.Maryland, NSF), R. L. Burman, C. M. Hoffman, D. E. Nagle, D. M. Schmidt, C. Sinnis, D. D. Weeks (LANL), W. P. Zhang (LANL, NASA-GSFC), R. W. Ellsworth (George Mason U.), M. Cavalli-Sforza, D. Coyne, D. Dorfan, L. Kelley, S. Klein, R. Schnee, D. A. Williams, T. Yang (U.C.Santa Cruz) and J. -P. Wu (U.C.Riverside)
55.09 Upper Limit on Transient Emission of a Broad, Redshifted 0.511 MeV $\gamma$-Ray Line from the Galactic Center Region
M. J. Harris (USRA), G. H. Share (N.R.L.) and M. D. Leising (Clemson Univ.)

Session 56. Stellar Evolution and Clusters

Oral, Wednesday, 10:30-12:00, Durham

56.01D A Monte Carlo Simulation of OB Star Binary Evolution
J. L. Terman (Columbia U., Northwestern U.)
56.02 Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope Observations of the Globular Cluster NGC1851
R. A. Parise (CSC), S. P. Maran (GSFC), R. C. Bohlin (STScI), M. R. Greason, W. B. Landsman (STX), R. W. O'Connell (UVa), M. S. Roberts (NRAO), A. M. Smith and T. P. Stecher (GSFC)
56.03D 30 Doradus in the Large Magellanic Cloud: The Stellar Content and Initial Mass Function
J. W. Parker (NRC -- GSFC/NASA)
56.04 Hydrodynamics of Semiconvection in Massive Stars
W. J. Merryfield (U. of Victoria)
56.05D The Application of Numerical Simulations of Convection to Stellar Interiors
T.J. Lydon (Yale Univ.)

Session 57. Russell Lecture

Oral, Wednesday, 12:15-1:05, Zellerbach Auditorium

57.01 The Mass Puzzle in Cosmology
P. J. E. Peebles (Princeton University)

Session 58. Invited Talks Cepheid Variable Stars

Oral, Wednesday, 3:15-4:45, Zellerbach Auditorium

58.01 Cepheids, Distance Indicators and Tests of Stellar Evolution Theory
E. Bohm-Vitense (U. Washington)
58.02 Cepheids as Distance Indicators: Limits to Precision
D. L. Welch (McMaster)