Slit Spectra of Second Byurakan Survey Galaxies

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Session 100 -- AGN: Unified Picture
Oral presentation, Friday, January 14, 2:15-3:45, Crystal Forum Room (Crystal City Marriott)

[100.05] Slit Spectra of Second Byurakan Survey Galaxies

D.E.Osterbrock, A.Martel (UCO/Lick Observatory, UCSC)

Slit spectra have been obtained at Lick Observatory of 18 Seyfert galaxy candidates from the Second Byurakan Spectral Sky Survey (SBS). The great majority of them turned out to be Seyfert galaxies. The classifications and redshifts of all the galaxies are reported. Measurements of the intensity ratios of the emission lines used in classifying the galaxies are tabulated and plotted on diagnostic diagrams. The spectra of seven of the galaxies are described in detail. In general, our classification and redshift measurements are in very good accord with those of Lipovetsky, Stepanian, and their collaborators at the Special Astrophysical Observatory, showing that their results can be used in conjunction with the Lick results with little if any systematic difference between the two data sets. The importance of the SBS as a source of new Seyferts bridging the gap between low-redshift Seyfert galaxies and higher-luminosity QSOs is also emphasized.

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