The FIRST VLA Survey: The North Galactic Pole

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Session 104 -- Radio Galaxies and AGN
Display presentation, Saturday, January 15, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II Room (Crystal Gateway)

[104.06] The FIRST VLA Survey: The North Galactic Pole

R.L.White (STScI), D.J.Helfand (Cambridge/Columbia), R.H.Becker (UC-Davis/LLNL)

As a preview of the scientific impact we expect for the full 10,000 square degree FIRST project, we present an analysis of a region of the survey in the vicinity of the North Galactic Pole (NGP). The data have been edited, self-calibrated, mapped, and combined using the automated script described in the companion paper by Becker {\sl et al.} The resulting images have a uniform noise of 0.15~mJy rms over a $2.5\deg\times1.5\deg$ ($\Delta\delta \times \Delta\alpha$) region centered on the NGP.

A comparison of sources in overlapping areas of the fields indicate that the absolute positions are accurate to better than 0.3\arcsec. The positional accuracy as a function of flux density for point sources will be discussed, as will the flux density accuracies. The extracted source catalog includes $\sim\!300$ sources brighter than 1~mJy. The radio properties of these sources will be discussed, and the radio catalog will be compared to existing optical and infrared catalogs covering this well-studied area of the sky.

The work is supported by the University of California CalSpace program and by IGPP, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

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