ROSAT PSPC Observations of Radio Selected BL Lac Objects

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Session 107 -- BL Lacs and Blazars
Display presentation, Saturday, January 15, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II Room (Crystal Gateway)

[107.03] ROSAT PSPC Observations of Radio Selected BL Lac Objects

R. M. Sambruna, C. M. Urry (STScI), J.Stocke, E.Perlman (U. Colorado), R.Kollgaard, E.Feigelson (Penn.State U.), D.Worrall (CfA), P.Padovani (U. of Roma), L.Maraschi (U. of Genova), A.Treves (SISSA/ISAS)

We present the preliminary results of a spectral analysis of ROSAT PSPC pointed observations for a complete sample of radio selected BL Lac objects, the 1 Jy sample of Stickel et al. (1991). Data for 26 out of the total 34 objects in the sample are available at present. Nineteen out of the 26 sources were detected with statistics sufficient for spectral analysis. The data were fitted with a single power law model, with absorption both free and fixed to the Galactic value. We derived the average spectral properties for the whole group and for different subgroups of interest. Analysis with more complex models is in progress. Temporal and spatial analysis will also be discussed.

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