Modelling the Ultraviolet Sky

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Session 114 -- Multi-Phase Interstellar Medium
Display presentation, Saturday, January 15, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II Room (Crystal Gateway)

[114.11] Modelling the Ultraviolet Sky

J. Daniels, R.C.Henry, J.Murthy, M. Allen (JHU)

A computer program is currently under development to model in 3D - one dimension of which is wavelength - all the known and major speculated sources of ultraviolet (1200 A - 3200 A) radiation over the celestial sphere. The software is being written in Fortran 77 and currently operates under IRIX; all output models are in FITS format. Models along with display software will become available to the astronomical community.

An initial model of the UV zodiacal light together with point sources from the TD-1 source catalogue is presented. Also exhibited is the manner by which the software is operated at program run time and the overall program structure.

The modelling is a five year development project: the work illustrated here represents product output at the end of year one. Future work includes improvements to the zodiacal light model and incorporation of the following models: diffuse Galactic light emission; Galactic molecular hydrogen fluorescence; Galactic highly ionized atomic line emission; integrated extra-galactic light; and speculated sources in the intergalactic medium such as ionized plasma and radiation from non-baryonic particle decay.

This work is supported by United States Air Force Contract F19628-93-K-0004; and we are grateful for the encouragement of Dr Stephan Price.

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