The Structure of the Coronae of dMe and dM Stars

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Session 15 -- Flare and Active Stars
Display presentation, Wednesday, January 12, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II Room (Crystal Gateway)

[15.07] The Structure of the Coronae of dMe and dM Stars

M. S. Giampapa (NSO/NOAO), J.H.M.M. Schmitt (MPE), T. A. Fleming (U. Arizona)

We discuss results obtained from preliminary coronal loop model atmospheres developed on the basis of x-ray pulse-height spectra obtained with the ROSAT PSPC. The limited sample is comprised of both active dMe stars and quiescent dM stars. An intercomparison of the inferred coronal loop parameters for the active and the relatively quiet objects will be presented. As reported earlier (Giampapa et al. 1993; BAAS, 25, 824), two-temperature fits are required to adequately represent the x-ray properties of the dMe stars. In the case of the non-dMe stars, the coronal emission measure is dominated by a single, relatively soft component. Preliminary estimates of densities, filling factors and loop lengths that characterize these separate components which define the coronae of low mass dwarf stars will be discussed.

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