A Two-color (U,B) Survey of the Galactic Plane: The Search Continues

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Session 17 -- Stellar Spectroscopy and Photometry: Surveys and General results
Display presentation, Wednesday, January 12, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II Room (Crystal Gateway)

[17.03] A Two-color (U,B) Survey of the Galactic Plane: The Search Continues

H.H.Lanning (CSC/STScI), M.Meakes (STScI)

Examination of the two-color photographic survey of the galactic plane taken in support of the Uhuru X-ray satellite is continuing. The original intent of the survey, taken with the Palomar 48-in Oschin Schmidt telescope, was to attempt the identification of the optical counterparts of newly detected x-ray sources. However, no optical identifications were successfully made, due in large part to the poor positional accuracy of the x-ray sources as determined by Uhuru. Visual examination of the double-exposed U and B plates did, however, produced 82 sources ranging in color from U$-$B = 0 to U$-$B = $-$1.5, including one cataclysmic variable (Lanning 10 = V363 Aql) and several probable white dwarfs, Be stars, etc. The potential for identification of low-luminosity stars, binary systems and old novae provided sufficient evidence to continue examination of the plates. The second catalog in the series containing 53 UV-bright sources has recently been completed and will appear in the January 1994 issue of PASP. A second cataclysmic variable (Lanning 90 = V1776 Cyg) identified during the examination of plates for the second catalog was published separately. A third catalog is in preparation, and plates are currently being scanned for a fourth catalog.

We will present in this poster paper a description of the survey and related analysis, as well at the current status of the overall project.

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