Detection of reactivation of the SGR 1806-20

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Session 29 -- Gamma Ray Astrophysics
Oral presentation, Wednesday, January 12, 2:15-3:45, Salon III Room (Crystal Gateway)

[29.03] Detection of reactivation of the SGR 1806-20

C.Kouveliotou (USRA, NASA/MSFC), G.J.Fishman, C.A.Meegan, J. Horack (NASA/MSFC),\break R. Preece, M. Briggs, W.S.Paciesas (UAH,NASA/MSFC)

We report here the detection by BATSE on CGRO of multiple emission from the old Soft Gamma Repeater source SGR 1806-20. In a time interval of 11 days the instrument triggered 5 times on very short, soft events. One of these events was simultaneously observed with the Japanese X-ray satellite ASCA, which led to the identification of this SGR with a steady X-ray source (Murakami et al., 1993) that coincides with a compact radio source in the SNR G10.0-0.3 (Kulkarni and Frail, 1993). We describe the temporal characteristics and the spectra of the BATSE events and relate the new emission to the bursts detected from the same source almost 10 years ago with the Solar Maximum Mission (Kouveliotou et al., 1993).


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