Low Surface Brightness Galaxies in the Local Universe

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Session 3 -- Galaxy Surveys
Display presentation, Wednesday, January 12, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II Room (Crystal Gateway)

[3.04] Low Surface Brightness Galaxies in the Local Universe

C.D. Impey, D. Sprayberry (University of Arizona), G.D. Bothun (University of Oregon), M.J. Irwin (Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, England)

A large new survey of low surface brightness galaxies is reported, based on manual and automated scans of plates from the UK Schmidt Telescope in a strip of sky centered on the equator. We find 518 previously cataloged galaxies in 792 square degrees. The survey is complete to angular sizes of roughly 20 arcseconds at the 26 B mag per square arcsecond isophote. Redshifts have been obtained for 2/3 of the sample using optical spectroscopy at the MMT and HI measurements at Arecibo. CCD surface photometry in the B,V, and R bands has been obtained for a morphologically representative subset. The median redshift is about 9000 km/s. Low surface brightness galaxies have been systematically excluded from almost every published catalog of galaxies. This new sample is being used to adress several issues, including the form of the galaxy luminosity function when corrected for surface brightness selection effects, the large scale clustering of diffuse stellar systems, and the nature of the faint blue galaxies seen in deep pencil beam surveys.

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