A CGRO/OSSE Survey of Pulsars

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Session 37 -- Pulsars
Display presentation, Thursday, January 13, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II Room (Crystal Gateway)

[37.01] A CGRO/OSSE Survey of Pulsars

P.C. Schroeder, M.P. Ulmer, S.M. Matz, D.A. Grabelsky, W.R. Purcell (Northwestern University), M.S. Strickman, W.N. Johnson, R.L. Kinzer, J.D. Kurfess (Naval Research Laboratory), G.V. Jung (USRA)

We summarize the results of CGRO/OSSE observations of 15 pulsars. All of these pulsars rank in the top 25 of all known isolated pulsars in terms of the ratio of rotational energy loss to distance squared. We present our results in the context of models that relate the gamma-ray (CGRO/OSSE) luminosity to other pulsar properties. These models include a ratio of X-ray (ROSAT/Einstein) to gamma-ray (CGRO/OSSE) luminosity, the polar-cap model, the outer-gap model, and the incoherent synchrotron model. Any apparent relationship that we found with the pulsars detected at gamma-ray energies has more than one counter example in our upper limit sample. The least amount of disagreement between upper limits and a relationship based on detections is for the case of the gamma-ray luminosity versus the X-ray luminosity.

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