A Coronagraphic Survey for Circumstellar Disks

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Session 41 -- Circumstellar Disks
Display presentation, Thursday, January 13, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II Room (Crystal Gateway)

[41.07] A Coronagraphic Survey for Circumstellar Disks

Paul Kalas and David Jewitt (Institute for Astronomy, 2680 Woodlawn Dr., Honolulu, HI 96822)

We present results from a coronagraphic survey at visible wavelengths for circumstellar disks. Candidates include both main-sequence and pre-main-sequence stars selected on the basis of proximity, infrared excess, submillimeter emission, or spectral features indidicative of solid, circumstellar material. While our goal is to image over 100 stars, we have not detected evidence for circumstellar material around the 55 stars observed to date, including extensive observations of 68 Oph and $\alpha$ PsA. New findings include the discovery of faint stars near circumstellar disk candidate stars $\lambda$ Boo ($m_R$ = 17.2 mag, sep = 15.7", P.A. = $315^o$), HD 98800 ($m_R$ = 19.5 mag, sep = 9.9", P.A. = $343^o$), and HR 4796 ($m_R$ = 16.3 mag, sep = 4.9", P.A. = $315^o$). Detailed imaging of the environment near DG Tau shows an oval cavity around the star with a major axis oriented at P.A. = $135^o$ and length = 20", which is bounded to the northeast by bright arcs most likely due to scattering by dust. The jet producing the HH object 8" to the southwest is seen for the first time as it emanates from near the star.

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