Something Exciting in NGC1333

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Session 49 -- Star Formation
Display presentation, Thursday, January 13, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II Room (Crystal Gateway)

[49.04] Something Exciting in NGC1333

C. B. Rogers (U. of Maryland), J. Gottschalk (U. of Massachusetts)

We present observations of water masers near IRAS 4A and 4B in the active star forming cloud NGC 1333, which lies at a distance of about 350 pc in the Taurus region. IRAS 4A and 4B are two cold ($T_d\sim30K$), compact ($\theta_s <15 ''$) sources that form a binary system. The age of IRAS 4 is estimated to be around 5 x $10^5$ years, and IRAS 4A appears to be surrounded by a dust disk. Of the two components of the system, IRAS4B has the lower luminosity and the least extensive outflow. Near IRAS 4 are several water masers possibly associated with the bipolar outflow of the young protostars. The intensities and velocities of these masers vary rapidly. To accurately determine the association of the various masers with the young stars, these masers were observed with the VLA in A array. The primary goal of these observations is to locate the masers in relation to the continuum sources, and to find their respective velocity components. At the epoch of our observations, at least one very powerful maser was observed.

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