Optical and Near IR Imaging of the Rosette Molecular Cloud

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Session 49 -- Star Formation
Display presentation, Thursday, January 13, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II Room (Crystal Gateway)

[49.07] Optical and Near IR Imaging of the Rosette Molecular Cloud

Randy L. Phelps (Phillips Lab. / GPOB)

Optical VRI and infrared JHK images of the region near the IRAS source 06314+0427, which lies within the Rosette Molecular Cloud (RMC), near the CO peak as observed by Blitz $\&$ Stark 1986, have been obtained to investigate star formation in that region. The images clearly show the boundary of the cloud against the H$\alpha$ emission from the Rosette nebula. The images also reveal a partially embedded cluster, not coincident with the IRAS source, along the edge of the molecular cloud. Two comet-like objects are seen in emission and a highly reddened point-source (V-I $>$ 3), coincident with IRAS 06314+0427, is found among a small aggregate of stars (see also Block, Gaballe $\&$ Dyson 1993). The IR colors suggest that many of the stars are PMS stars with at least one source being a candidate Herbig Ae/Be star (see also Hanson et al. 1993).

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