ROSAT Observations of Two Compact Groups of Galaxies

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Session 5 -- ROSAT Observations of Clusters and Groups
Display presentation, Wednesday, January 12, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II Room (Crystal Gateway)

[5.04] ROSAT Observations of Two Compact Groups of Galaxies

John F. Wallin (GMU/CSI), Michael P. Kowalski (NRL)

Compact groups of galaxies share many dynamical similarities to larger clusters of galaxies, but evolve much more rapidly. Because of the high density in these systems, the galaxies in compact groups are believed to merge into elliptical galaxies. We have obtained X-ray observations of two compact groups of galaxies, Arp 318 and Arp 330, using the ROSAT PSPC. Although these systems have similar optical morphologies, their X-ray morphologies and luminosities are significantly different. We present data on the X-ray morphology and luminosity of these systems along with correlations between these difference and the group dynamics.

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