White Dwarfs in Astrometric Binaries?

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Session 54 -- Interacting Binaries: Hot Stars
Display presentation, Thursday, January 13, 9:30-6:45, Salons I/II Room (Crystal Gateway)

[54.08] White Dwarfs in Astrometric Binaries?

N.A. Oliversen (NSSDC/HSTX), N.R. Evans (ISTS/North York, Ontario), W.A. Feibelman (NASA/GSFC), K.W. Kamper (DDO/U. Toronto)

Lippincott (1978, Space Sci Rev, 22, 153) compiled a list of astrometric binaries with unseen companions typically within 20 pc of the sun. Red companions have been observed in a number of these systems (e.g. McCarthy, D. W. 1983, IAU Coll. \# 76, p. 107). Unseen, low mass companions could also be white dwarfs. We have obtained IUE observations of stars on the list which have primaries with spectral types M1 or earlier (white dwarf companions of cooler primaries could be detected from the ground), and are brighter than 10 mag, which do not have known red companions. Preliminary reductions (comparison with standard stars of appropriate spectral types) indicate that there are no white dwarfs in the sample. Further processing is being done to determine limits on possible white dwarf temperatures.

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