Optically Faint Parkes Radio Sources

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Session 64 -- AGN Surveys and High Energy Spectra
Oral presentation, Thursday, January 13, 2:15-3:45, Salon IV Room (Crystal Gateway)

[64.04] Optically Faint Parkes Radio Sources

R.L. Webster and F.J. Masci (Melbourne University, Australia), B.A. Peterson (MSSSO), M.J. Drinkwater (AAO)

We are completing the identification of a complete sample of flat spectrum radio sources from the Parkes survey, using imaging and spectroscopy in the near infra-red. These observations enable us to search for high red-shift quasars. We will also determine the fraction of quasars which are obscured by dust in the line-of-sight, either extrinsic or intrinsic to the region of the quasar itself. In our imaging to date, we have detected nearly all the radio sources designated `empty field'. In some cases, these objects have $R-K$ colours of 5-6 magnitudes. Results of our observations will be presented.

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